All New Renault Rafale E-Tech full hybrid

Aiming that inspires reinvention with E-Tech full hybrid 200hp & E-Tech 4x4 hp powertrains*

Renault has always been about exhilarating drives. The Renault Rafale takes this a step further. It's a coupe-SUV that's as stunning to look at as it is exciting to drive, offering an unforgettable experience for you and everyone on board.

*E-Tech 4x4 300 hp powertrain available later

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Performance incl. Hybrid/Electric

Drive electric up to 130 km/h without having to charge. The battery charges during deceleration and braking and lets you save up to 40%** fuel.

Maximum power
146 kW (200 hp)
E-Tech 4x4 300 hp

Auto multimode

WLTP CO₂ emissions
From 105 g/km

Up to 60.1 mpg

Battery voltage
400 V + 2 kWh capacities

**for an E-Tech full hybrid powertrain compared with a mild hybrid vehicle powertrain, according to WLTP data City/source: UTAC & IDIADA/September 2022

High-performance E-Tech 4x4 300 hp version available soon. More information to come.


Taking cues from the sleek lines of an aircraft fuselage, the Rafale cuts through the air with ease. This meticulously crafted sportback design seamlessly blends power and elegance, making it a powerful addition to any landscape, ready for take-off.

Renault Rafale’s novel front grille is built around the brand’s hallmark diamond. It is made up of a constellation of small diamonds arranged around the emblem in the middle. It stands out against the iron blue or shadow grey hues* that appear and disappear in the background depending on where it is viewed from.

**depending on the version.


The Renault Rafale features a spectacular Solarbay panoramic glass roof that darkens and lightens on demand. You decide how much light you want using the four opacity models available – comfort truly tailored to you. The Renault Rafale’s completely new seats have reinforced sides to match the car’s dynamic behaviour with thorough lateral and longitudinal support. Among other upsides, they make road-holding on turns even more exciting.

The Renault Rafale redefines in-car technology with the ground-breaking OpenR digital cockpit. This innovative system features a driver-focused 12.3-inch display with a unique 28° diagonal "speed line" that changes colour based on engine revs and speed, keeping you intuitively informed.

Alongside sits a 12-inch touchscreen in the centre console, powered by Android. Access your favourite apps with ease, including Google Maps and Google Assistant, or explore a vast selection available through the Google Play Store (up to 50 apps). The interface is fully customisable, seamlessly integrating with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. But OpenR goes beyond entertainment. This intelligent system boasts a predictive maintenance feature that proactively warns you when a service is needed, reminding you about wheel alignments or air conditioning maintenance before issues arise.

The Renault Rafale goes beyond performance with its suite of AI-powered features designed to enhance your driving experience.  This intelligent system learns your routines and preferences, offering proactive suggestions like adjusting the air conditioning based on open windows or interior temperature.

The Rafale stays true to its aviation heritage with a class-leading 9.3-inch head-up display. This feature projects essential information like speed, driver assistance warnings, and navigation directly onto your windshield, keeping your eyes on the road and your focus on the drive.

Experience a smarter, safer drive with the Renault Rafale. Packed with up to 32 ADAS, the Rafale helps you navigate, park, and stay informed. Advanced safety systems like Intelligent Speed Assist and Lane Keeping Assist keep you confident on the road.

Performance-focused and leading the way. Take flight now at Park’s Renault.