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Explore the Renaulution with the Park’s Renault Hybrid and Electric Range

The Renault Zero Emissions range of electric vehicles combines environmental responsibility with driving pleasure. At Park’s Renault, we look forward to providing you with top of the range All-Electric, Plug-in Hybrid and Hybrid models that will benefit you with lower running costs and less CO2 emissions.

Discover the joy of silent, vibration-free driving as a result of technology developed by Renault across the last decade. As well as noise reduction, you can also reduce local air pollution with E-Tech technology. Charge your vehicle at home, at a public charging station or through regenerative braking power.

You can also help your business target 0% emissions with 100% profitability by choosing an electric van at Renault Pro+.

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Types of Electric/Hybrid Engines


An internal combustion engine along with a battery-driven electric motor is used in a mild hybrid setup. A mild hybrid car is similar to that of a self-charging hybrid car however; the car cannot drive solely on battery power. The battery is there to support the petrol or diesel engine and help it to drive more economically.

A Hybrid vehicle includes two sources of power a self-combustion engine and a battery-driven electric motor. The vehicle switches between both engines when required and is self-charging. This can be achieved through regenerative braking.

Uses a larger battery than an HEV – this allows the vehicle to travel a further range. This type of vehicle is therefore required to be plugged into electric mains to be charged.

The vehicle runs solely on electric power and so can only run if it is charged at an electrical source.

Renault ZOE at Park's Motor Group

The Renault Electric and Hybrid Range

All Electric Renault Range

The All-New Megane E-Tech 100% Electric

Charge up to 186 miles in just 30 minutes and expect the exceptional with an electric range of up to 280 miles WLTP.

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Renault ZOE at Park's Motor Group

ZOE E-Tech Electric 100% Electric

Go wherever life takes you with the Renault ZOE E-Tech 100% Electric. The ZOE E-Tech is better than ever and we are not the only ones to think it. It’s been named the Best Small Electric Car for Value 2021 by What Car? where the panel claimed that the ZOE is ‘a good all-rounder in terms of practicality and range’ and ‘one of the best for the money.

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Renault Master E-Tech Van Lifestyle Image

Master E-Tech Electric Van

The Renault Master E-Tech 100% Electric. van offers all the features of a Renault MASTER but with the benefits of an electric vehicle including reduced running costs and an eco-friendly drive!

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Hybrid Renault Range

New Arkana Hybrid

With the Renault Arkana, you will experience a new driving technology in a unique style.

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Clio E-Tech Hybrid

With its new E-Tech Hybrid engine, the Renault CLIO E-TECH Hybrid delivers unprecedented driving pleasure and optimal fuel efficiency. Featuring Renault’s C-shaped LED lighting signature, smooth curves and aerodynamic lines, the Renault CLIO E-TECH Hybrid boasts a sleek and stylish silhouette with a sophisticated on-road presence. The modern look is enhanced with a wide front grille and cleverly concealed rear door handles; giving this 5-door car the sleek and simplified look of a coup

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Renault Captur 2022 Model Interior Image

Captur E-Tech Hybrid

The All-New Renault Captur E-Tech Plug-In Hybrid is the most efficient, yet most dynamic CAPTUR to date. Combining a 1.6L petrol engine with a 9.8 kWh battery and two electric motors, it delivers 160 hp, 188.3 mpg (WLTP), and up to 30 miles EV only range, allowing day-to-day full-electric driving.

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