Renault Scenic E-Tech 100% electric
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Renault’s 100% electric and full hybrid vehicles combine environmental responsibility with driving pleasure. Discover the joy of silent, vibration-free driving as a result of technology developed by Renault across the last decade.
Charge your vehicle at home, at a public charging station or through regenerative braking power.

We have partnered with Mobilize Power Solutions to install home chargers for our Electric Vehicle customers. The Mobilize Home Charger is our approved smart home charging solution to enable you to take advantage of cheaper off-peak energy tariffs to charge your electric vehicle. The cost can be included in your vehicle finance, making it simple and affordable.

The Mobilize Home Charger includes a home survey, a robust tethered charging unit, installation and commissioning, an app to manage charging from your phone and warranty.

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Types of Electric/Hybrid Engines

full hybrid: Without ever having to be plugged in, the E-Tech full hybrid technology combines electric know-how with Renault F1’s expertise in energy management. The E-Tech Hybrid drive system combines a combustion engine, two electric engines and a battery. Equipped with an automatic gearbox, our hybrid vehicles are efficient and smart in terms of energy management. Drive even greater distances in full electric mode!

100% electric: The combustion engine has been replaced with an electric motor, powered by advanced batteries, removing the noise and emissions of a petrol or diesel vehicle.

Our 100% Electric Range

 Renault Scenic E-Tech 100% electric

Scenic E-Tech 100% electric
Renault’s first fully electric family car. The 200hp powertrain offers a driving range of up to 379 miles.

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Megane E-Tech 100% electric
Charge up to 186 miles in just 30 minutes and expect the exceptional with an electric range of up to 280 miles WLTP.

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Our Full Hybrid Range

renault austral

Austral E-Tech full hybrid
Using self-charging technology, this model can achieve a driving range of up to 683 miles, with up to 60.1mpg. Drive in the city up to 80% of the time in full electric mode to discover a model of pure efficiency.

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Arkana E-Tech full hybrid
Designed to stand out from the crowd, the Renault Arkana E-Tech full hybrid 145hp reinvents its category. It successfully blends dynamic style with a spacious interior and boot. The Arkana can achieve a driving range of up to 620 miles.

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Renault Clio

Clio E-Tech full hybrid
The esprit trim Alpine meets the Clio for the first time to create an even more sporty design. With its 145hp powertrain and up to 17 advanced driver assistance systems, the Clio E-Tech full hybrid has all the same love as the Clio’s before it and fantastic new energy.

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Captur E-Tech full hybrid
Renault Captur presents its awe-inspiring E-Tech engineered version in full hybrid 145. It’s the ideal technology if you wish to reduce the running costs of your car without changing your habits. The petrol engine of Captur E-Tech hybrid is coupled with two electric motors and a small battery to help lower your fuel consumption and tailpipe emissions.

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