With Over 10 Years’ Experience, Discover Renault’s Hybrid and Electric Vehicles at Park’s

Drive Electric with Renault at Park’s

Pioneers of the electric vehicle, Renault have developed class-leading technology for their full electric vehicles, which are miles ahead of any competitor. The Renault Zero emissions range of electric vehicles, known as the Z.E range, combines environmental responsibility and driving pleasure.

The electric technology from Renault has been developed and perfected over the last 10 years to ensure an enjoyable and reliable drive every time you get behind the wheel of any Z.E vehicle. Discover the joy of silent and vibration free driving, with a responsive pick up, versatility and dynamic drive, to ensure your journey is like no other.

Under the bonnet, the combustion engine has been replaced with an electric motor, powered by advanced batteries, removing the noise and emissions of a petrol or diesel vehicle. With a range up to 245 miles on a single charge the Renault ZOE also features a number of driving assistant features, allowing you to warm the car before use, manage charging and planning your routes ahead of time, ensuring you prepared for every journey.

For more information, discover more on the Renault ZOE here.

The Renault plug-in hybrid allows you to switch seamlessly between the use of both electric battery and fuel powered engine to create a perfect combination for every journey. For everyday trips, you are able to drive in full electric mode without burning any fuel, or head off on longer trips without having to worry about the distance.

The E-TECH plug-in vehicles are equipped with a 9.8 kWh (400 V) battery with a driving range of up to 30 miles in full electric mode, along with a petrol engine. The electric battery benefits from regenerative braking charging, but can also be plugged in, just like a full electric vehicle, giving you a greater driving range. With the plug-in range you can drive up to 83 mph in full-electric mode over a distance of 30 miles (WLTP).

The All-New CAPTUR E-TECH Plug-in Hybrid is the most efficient, yet most dynamic CAPTUR to date. Combining a 1.6L petrol engine, with a 9.8 kWh battery and two electric motors, it delivers 160 hp, 188.3 mpg (WLTP) and up to 30 miles EV only range. Charge every day at home with a free BP Chargemaster Wallbox, at work, or at one of the 1000’s of public charging points, offering you unprecedented flexibility.

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Without ever having to be plugged in, the E-TECH Hybrid technology from Renault combines a combustion engine, two electric engines and a battery to manage energy seamlessly. The electric battery is powered through regenerative braking and decelerating energy recovery that allows you to maximise your fully electric driving and reduce your fuel consumption. Reduce you consumption in the city by up to 40% compared to a fuel-powered vehicle and minimise your need to fill up at the pump.

The E-TECH Hybrid starts in EV mode giving you a smooth and gentle ride that will have you falling for its driving pleasure and efficiency. The electric motor and petrol engine combine for improved torque and lower fuel consumption, with the hybrid having the ability to enter a fully electric driving mode for up to 2 miles.

Available on some of Renault’s most iconic models, you can benefit from the optimised electric driving experience, without having to compromise on the design or power of your favourite models. Explore the All-New Clio E-TECH Hybrid here and experience it for yourself!