Renault Zoe

The New Renault ZOE and our Myth Busting Facts.

Still undecided on the thought of your next car being electric? Are you worried how an all-electric car would fit into your lifestyle?

We're tackling some of the common misconceptions and myths surrounding EV's using our Renault ZOE as the perfect example.​

Myth 1

Electric cars can’t travel very far?

As the electric car has evolved over the past 5 years, the battery and range has improved massively! With the Renault ZOE you get up to 245 miles per charge. That means, if you drive on average 35 miles per day, you will only have to charge your car once every week!

Myth 2

Electric cars are generally more expensive than petrol/diesel options?

With any electric vehicle, there are typically a number of government grants available to you when purchasing your car which can offset the On The Road Price rather substantially. For example, with the Renault ZOE you receive a £3000 contribution from the government as standard on all specifications and here at Park’s you will also receive a £2,900 deposition contribution on top of that!

When looking at the daily running costs of electric compared with petrol or diesel cars, electric cars are over 3 times more affordable, with ICE vehicles costing 13p – 14p per mile, while EV is as little as 4p per mile. That means when looking across your annual fuel costs, you could be saving up to £800 on fuel every year based on 10,000 miles when switching to electric!

Furthermore, with an EV there is far less that can go wrong than with a typical petrol or diesel engine - there is no oil or air filter, no head gaskets or engine oil that need to be changed, so it’s cheaper to repair and maintain.

Myth 3

There aren’t enough Public Charging points?

There are new charging points being added across the country, and currently there are over 35,000 across the UK with 1000 in Scotland alone meaning Scotland has the most charging points per head of capita in the UK. Not only are the chargers becoming more and more accessible with the Renault ZOE you can expect to achieve 80% battery charge in just 1 hour 5 minutes using a 50kW Rapid Charger.

Myth 4

Will Home Charging be an issue?

There are numerous ways to charge your electric vehicle at home, either using a standard socket in your home which gives you 2.3kW, or using a wall box charger which you can have installed for FREE when you buy an EV from Renault. The New ZOE charges from 0-100% in just 9 hours and 25 minutes from a 7kW wall box.

Myth 5

Electric cars are slower and less responsive than petrol/diesel engines?

With any electric vehicle, the heavy engine and its counterparts are replaced with an electric motor powered by advanced batteries which makes the overall car lighter, and therefore more powerful. With specific focus on the Renault ZOE the electric motor offers a 135hp which provides a better driving experience with improved torque and faster acceleration compared with another non electric model at a similar spec.

Here at Park’s we understand that making the change to electric may be a big step, but believe that once you make the change, you may wonder why you didn't do it sooner!