Land Rover Trackstar in Ayr & Inverness

Land Rover Trackstar


1.5 million vehicle-related thefts were reported in 2008-9.* There is a solution - the key to recovery is speed. Land Rover Trackstar is the only Land Rover UK approved stolen vehicle recovery product that can pinpoint the location of a stolen vehicle, which means in the unlikely event that your vehicle is stolen, Land Rover Trackstar can assist you in locating it and getting it back.


  1. Once it's confirmed your vehicle has been moved illegally, a signal is sent from the vehicle to the Control Centre every 20 seconds.
  2. The in-vehicle unit provides the vehicle's exact location, speed and direction using GPS positioning. This technology does not rely on the stolen vehicle being near to an appropriately equipped police car, and therefore means tracking can commence quickly.
  3. A dedicated Jaguar Trackstar Operator is available in the Control Centre 24 hours a day 365 days a year, and with your Police Crime Reference number they will liaise directly with the Police updating them with the vehicles exact location every 20 seconds.
  4. Once the Police have secured the vehicle it will be returned to you.


Jaguar Trackstar is an insurance approved security product and is accredited by Thatcham Motor and Insurance Repair Research Centre, which means that you may qualify for an insurance discount.

*Source: Crime in England and Wales 2008/2009. All Jaguar Trackstar products are subject to a subscription charge. Ask for details.