Renault ZOE 2020

With the Renault ZOE being labelled the most popular electric vehicle in Europe, here at Park’s we’re keen to dive in and find out exactly WHY, and see if the next generation Renault ZOE lives up to the hype.

The first edition Renault ZOE was launched back in 2012 and since then has had a few improvements, to see the least! The most notable being the new range capacity, offering drivers 245 miles per charge – that’s a 32% increase from the first and second generation vehicles.

You would’ve had to have been living under a rock for the past few years if you hadn’t at least heard the word electric vehicle mentioned at least once, but what is it actually like to drive the fully electric Renault ZOE? Well, similar to most EV’s the ZOE only has one gear, which makes for a smooth and nippy acceleration as soon as the acceleration pedal is pushed. To harvest even more energy from the car, regenerative breaking is included as standard. Regenerative breaking happens when you simply lift your foot from the acceleration pedal; the car will begin to slow down, reducing the need for harsh breaking. Don’t get us wrong, yes, it may take a few trips to get used to it, but believe us, you will forget what it’s like to drive without it soon enough.

Subject to many consumers beliefs, going electric doesn’t mean you need to settle on other features. The Renault ZOE pushes the boundary present with other EV’s on the market with regards to the features which come included as standard. The Renault ZOE comes with numerous safety features such as Lane Keep Assist, Blind Spot Monitoring and rear view cameras – ensuring the safety of you and your passengers!

Following the environmentally conscious engine, the interior of the Renault ZOE understandably follows the same trend with any plastic used inside the cabin being 100% recycled.

What’s more, old Renault seatbelts which have been recycled makes up any fabric used inside; a unique extra on the higher trim level.

For the tech savvy of us, the Renault ZOE comes with a 7” infotainment screen as standard, with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto with mobile mirroring. Complete with DAB radio and Bose sound system the ZOE is miles ahead of its competitors with entertainment as well.

And, what’s more, with any Renault ZOE purchased from your local Park’s dealership you get a 5 year warranty! What more could you want from your new EV?

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