Nissan Electric and Hybrid 2022 Page

Nissan’s pioneering range of 100% electric cars and vans offer top class performance and cutting edge technology, allowing you to enjoy the ride, whilst producing zero emissions while driving.

Join the electric revolution, and start driving the car of the future, today.

The electric range by Nissan not only offers zero emissions, but zero compromises!
Enjoy a smooth and responsive acceleration with no gear-changing and, unlike some other electric vehicles, a lack of vibration and noise! Add this, to the financial benefits on the Nissan electric range such as: cheaper maintenance preferential parking rates and avoidance of city congestion charges, this really is the perfect time to
make the move to electric!

Nissan Electric and Hybrid Wall Charger

Charging for electric Nissan vehicles have never been easier with 13,000 chargers and 1,300 rapid chargers across the UK, at motorway service stations, IKEA store and Nissan dealers, you will never have to worry about where your next charge is coming from.

Nissan Electric and Hybrid Driving Modes

Your Nissan electric car comes with a number of different driving modes, remote charging and the ability to control the air conditioning before you even get in, so you can manage and maximise your driving range. Combine all the benefits of driving electric, with Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility which ensures a safer and easier driving experience, we know you will have confidence in your Nissan vehicle mile after mile.

Nissan Electric and Hybrid Home Charger

Charging at home is just as easy by using a simple domestic socket or a 7kW wall box charger to for a faster charge from home.

Experience the electrified thrill

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