All New Honda Jazz - Arriving this Summer at Park's Honda

New Honda Jazz Front View
New Honda Jazz Dashboard
New Honda Jazz Rear View

Coming to Park's Honda during summer 2015, the All New Honda Jazz features new design features and up-to-the-minute technology to meet all of your needs. As the third-generation Jazz model, the All New Honda Jazz represents the highest level of Honda's production and performance output.

The design of the All New Honda Jazz is both sophisticated and unmistakeable. Strong lines define the vehicle, reinforcing the deep visual impression given by its new face design. The latest model nonetheless retains the unique Jazz silhouette that sets the line apart from its contemporaries.

The all-new Honda Jazz is a compact and capable city vehicle with a deceptive amount of interior space. Honda has worked to produce a versatile car that delivers an extraordinary amount of space through its “Magic Seats" system. This allows for a high number of different combinations of seating and luggage, ensuring that the Jazz is a trustworthy ally when carrying large amounts of luggage.

Onboard technology is augmented by the Advanced Driver Assist System package, which gives the All New Honda Jazz a comprehensive suite of drive safety systems. Honda Connect is the installed infotainment system, and is controlled through a seven-inch touchscreen positioned on the dashboard. In terms of power, the Jazz uses a 1.3-litre capacity petrol engine, which Honda has developed in order to provide improved handling and suspension over previous models.

For more information regarding the All New Honda Jazz, speak to Park's Honda today. We hold premises in Hamilton, East Kilbride, Ayr and Irvine, bringing high-quality Honda vehicles to Central Scotland. As well as giving advice on any of our available Honda vehicles, we can also arrange a test drive for you.