The New Honda e:Ny1

Available now from Park's Honda Aberdeen, Ayr, Hamilton and Inverness

Zero emissions. Unlimited adventures.

Honda eNy1 Elegance Model Cutout
Elegance Engine/Fuel Type: Electric

featured highlights:
(as standard)
✓ Honda CONNECT with 15.1" infotainment system
✓ Heated Front Seats
Honda eNy1 Advance Model Cutout
Advance Engine/Fuel Type: Electric

featured highlights:
(in addition to Elegance)
✓ Heated Steering Wheel
✓ Honda Parking pilot
✓ Panoramic Glass Roof

Welcome to the future of urban mobility! Honda has once again proven its commitment to innovation and sustainability with the release of its first electric SUV, the Honda e:Ny1. Packed with cutting-edge technology, a chic retro-inspired design, and a range of impressive features, the e:Ny1 is set to revolutionise the way we navigate city streets.

The Honda e:Ny1 stands out from the crowd with its eye-catching retro-modern design. Inspired by Honda's classic compact models, this electric city car blends nostalgic aesthetics with contemporary flair. Its compact size, clean lines, and minimalistic approach give it a distinctive charm that turns heads wherever it goes. With the e:Ny1, Honda has proven that eco-conscious driving doesn't have to compromise on style.

Honda E-Ny1

Underneath its sleek exterior, the Honda e:Ny1 boasts an advanced electric powertrain that delivers a thrilling driving experience. Equipped with a powerful electric engine delivering 204ps of power and 310Nm of torque and reaching up to 256 miles range on a single charge*, the e:Ny1 accelerates quickly and effortlessly, making city driving a breeze. The instant torque provides a zippy response, ensuring you can navigate through traffic with ease. Additionally, the e:Ny1's compact dimensions and tight turning radius make manoeuvring in congested areas a stress-free experience.

Honda E-Ny1 Charging

The Honda e:Ny1 takes electric mobility to the next level with its extended range capability. Its advanced battery technology allows for up to 256 miles range on a single charge, and the ability to charge up to 62 miles in just 11 minutes**, enabling you to explore the city without worrying about running out of power. Moreover, Honda has designed the e:Ny1 to be compatible with fast-charging stations, providing a rapid charging experience that gets you back on the road in no time. There’s a choice of two connectors for home and public charging and you can remotely control your charging with the My Honda+ App for ultimate efficiency. Say goodbye to range anxiety and embrace the freedom of electric driving.

Honda E-Ny1
Honda E-Ny1

The e:Ny1 is not just a mode of transportation; it's a connected hub on wheels. Honda has integrated state-of-the-art connectivity features, turning the e:Ny1 into a tech-savvy companion. With its intuitive 15.1” infotainment system, giving you access to Honda CONNECT, you can effortlessly access navigation, music, and other apps while staying focused on the road. Plus the 10.2” driver display also shows you all the information you need, customisable to you. The e:Ny1 also offers seamless smartphone integration, allowing you to control various functions remotely. Stay connected, entertained, and informed with the Honda e:Ny1's innovative technology.

Honda E-Ny1

Honda has always prioritised safety, and the e:Ny1 is no exception. Packed with latest Honda SENSING safety features, this electric marvel ensures peace of mind on every journey. Equipped with an array of driver-assist systems, such as collision mitigation braking, lane-keeping assist, and adaptive cruise control, the e:Ny1 helps prevent accidents and keeps you and your passengers protected. Safety and sustainability go hand in hand in the Honda e:Ny1.

Honda E-Ny1

The Honda e:Ny1 is a game-changer in the realm of urban electric vehicles. Its captivating design, impressive performance, extended range, and advanced connectivity features make it an enticing choice for eco-conscious city dwellers. Honda has successfully combined style, innovation, and sustainability, delivering a car that not only reduces our carbon footprint but also enhances our driving experience. Embrace the future of urban mobility with the Honda e:Ny1 and drive into a greener, more exciting tomorrow.

*e:Ny1 WLTP data
**Using 100kW charger

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