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The 100% electric Nissan Leaf surpasses when it comes to performance. The model features impressive drive assistance technology and an exceptional battery providing you with more range and zero emissions. All the features are enclosed within Nissan’s newly designed, distinguishable and eye-catching body shape rivalling most of its electric competitor’s designs. It’s the Nissan Leaf revitalised and it’s simply amazing.

You’ll be driving on the roads in complete style as the exterior is both sleek and modern and features a unique multidimensional translucent blue grille and striking front and back headlights. Inside, the Nissan Leaf features an abundance of space and flexibility for all the family as well as unbelievable technologic abilities. The Nissan Leaf is packed with technology and has an incredible amount of on-wheel buttons at your fingertips.

Nissan Pro Pilot will keep you centred, cover blind spots, slow down, speed up or bring you to a complete stop depending on other driver’s actions. With the flick of a button the Pro Pilot Park is activated meaning your model takes control and parks your vehicle safely and securely.

The Leaf also features Rear Cross Traffic Alert informing you of any sudden movement from reversing vehicles. If that’s not all, the Nissan Leaf also features an Intelligent Around View Monitor, Intelligent Emergency Braking, Intelligent Lane Intervention and Intelligent Rear View Mirror giving you POV from the rear of the vehicle. Finally, the impressive Nissan EV connects to your smart phone and allows you track the charge status of your Nissan Leaf.

You can sit back and relax as the Nissan Leaf has one of the smoothest acceleration of its kind and has an extremely quiet drive. Imagine not having to worry about the price of petrol again, recharging your vehicle can be done at home, at work or out and about for less than the price of a litre of petrol. Nissan have incorporated the innovative Nissan e-pedal allowing you to accelerate and brake with just one pedal.

Overall, the Nissan Leaf will thrill you every single time you take the wheel and with a 235 mile range choosing where you want to go is practically endless.

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