Nissan’s autonomous ProPilot technology – initially launched in the all-electric Nissan Leaf - is now available with the hugely popular Qashqai model. The ProPILOT technology works by obtaining road data through a mounted camera equipped with cutting-edge image-processing software. By automatically controlling the accelerator, brake and steering this advanced autonomous driver technology aims to reduce driver fatigue and enhance safety for both drivers and pedestrians.

Features of ProPILOT such as intelligent lane intervention, intelligent cruise control, lane intervention and Traffic Jam Pilot help you stay in control and enjoy a stress-free drive. In slow-moving stop/start traffic, ProPILOT assists drivers by maintaining a safe distance from the car in front, and when required, it will bring your car to a stop and move off again. Additionally, in high speed cruising, the cruise control feature ensures you maintain the correct speed whilst remaining centered in lane.

The ProPILOT is easy to operate and extremely user-friendly: it can be activated or deactivated at the push of a button to suit your driving preferences. As part of Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility, the ProPILOT technology has the ability to transform the driving experience; giving drivers an extra level of confidence and control on the road.

*You should not rely solely on driver convenience features. Some features may not work in all conditions and circumstances.
Speed and other limitations apply. For terms and conditions relating to Nissan technologies, please click here.