You know and love the Bentley Bentayga range. The Bentayga was the first Bentley SUV and the first true luxury SUV. Named after the Roque Bentayga in Gran Canaria, Spain and designed, engineered and crafted to offer unrivalled levels of refinement and performance. The original Bentayga was launched in 2015 and its success allowed for the growing Bentley Bentayga range, and now the new Bentley Bentayga (2020).

The new Bentley Bentayga has been reimagined with a commanding new design, an empowering performance and a host of innovative technologies. But what makes it different from the previous Bentley Bentayga?

Differences Between the (2015-2019) Bentayga and the new (2020) Bentayga

The front-end and rear-end panel of the Bentayga have been altered to create a more imposing profile on the road.

The Bentayga’s front wings are larger and feature design lines which capture the light whilst visually widen the front track. Other updated defining front design features include highly sculpted front bumpers and the redesigned clamshell shape bonnet. New ‘cut-crystal’ LED Matrix headlamps are designed to sparkle even when not lit.

However, the most notable change to the front is the wider matrix grille which now seats 30mm higher, giving a more impactful profile.

Further changes in the rear include new oval-shaped split tailpipes, a larger rear spoiler, a wider cleaner tailgate and new rear bumpers. The rear axle has been made 20mm wider and wheels have been repositioned within the arches.

Further detail changes include new unique 3D elliptical LED tail lamps (similar to those found on the Continental GT) and the repositioned rear number plate on the bumper allowing for ‘Bentley’ to be written across the tailgate.

In the cabin, the central fascia has been revised and enhanced with a modern fee with a new state-of-the-art, high-resolution 10.9” touchscreen taking centre stage. New two veneers have been introduced to bring a more contemporary feel. Seats have been ergonomically designed for increased leg room, whilst stowage space has also been improved upon.

Digital systems have been updated and improved upon and now include Android Auto as standard. Further up-to-date features include USB-C ports, smartphone wireless charging and an embedded SIM card for data services. Traditional dials have been replaced with intelligent digital display and head-up display is now more intuitive with more data available.

The Bentley Bentayga with a W12 engine is no longer available within Europe but the good news is that the new Bentayga is still available with the powerful V8 engine!  Capable of providing a truly dynamic experience, reaching 0-60 mph in an extraordinary 4.4 seconds, with top speeds of 180 mph.​​

The new Bentayga design changes create more of a “family feeling” between models. The new design being distinctly Bentley.

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