All New Yaris Hybrid

Meet the All New Yaris Hybrid. Compact, stylish, efficient and designed to meet the needs of urban life.

Introducing the All New Yaris Hybrid, a complete redesign with a new platform and three-cylinder hybrid powertrain designed specifically for the New Generation Yaris. It’s only four meters in length which makes it compact and ideal for urban driving. It’s perfect for city dwellers as well as those making the daily commute.

This is the 20th year of Yaris and it’s the most well-known model in the Toyota Range. With its fun-to-drive dynamics and stand-out design, it will certainly attract new customers from all sectors. The All New Yaris Hybrid reinforces Toyota’s hybrid heritage that the new car market is embracing!

Auto Express quote “Yaris’s base is an excellent one. Factor in city driving, that new-found motorway expertise and general cruising and you’re left with one of the more refined superminis. It’s already safe to say that this is the most complete small Toyota for quite some time… ‘’

The All New Yaris Hybrid is fun and easy to drive in the city, comfortable and calm on country roads and confident on the motorway. With stylish and modern looks, its low centre of gravity and high body supports; its stability and handling are at the top of its class. Add to this the fact that it’s a self-charging hybrid and you are on to a winner!

What is a Self-Charging Hybrid? These are cars with a combustion engine and a battery motor and the power is generated by the car alone, there is no plug in charging option.

The All New Yaris Hybrid has taken a large leap forward, improving on its predecessor's with excellent economy, a noticeably classier design and an all-round better drive!