ALL-NEW 3008


“Peugeot is back with the New 3008 SUV,” writes John Howell at What Car?. “It comes with a choice of two petrol engines and four diesels but all models are front-wheel drive only.”

The report focuses on “what’s expected to be the biggest seller: the 120hp 1.6 BlueHDi diesel, fitted with the optional six-speed automatic gearbox.”

In everyday use, “the punch the 3008 SUV delivers between 1,500 and 3,000rpm is more than enough to whisk you easily to 70mph when joining a motorway. It’s relatively quiet as well.

“The clutch and the brake pedal have a positive bite, so it’s easy to drive the 3008 SUV smoothly in city jams,” says the report.

“The 3008 SUV is around 100kg lighter than the previous car, and feels nimbler for it. Push on through tight turns and it remains composed, offering plenty of grip.” The steering is “nicely weighted,” while the small steering wheel “makes the 3008 SUV feel rather darty into turns.”

The 3008 SUV’s “ace in the hole is its blend of sharp handling with a cosseting ride. Even on the largest 19-inch wheels it feels comfortable and well damped. On standard tyres it’s refined on motorways, with hardly any road or wind noise at speed.”

The 3008 SUV has a thoroughly “swish, modem interior”. The Allure trim tested “has a pleasant mix of materials and a real quality feel, even next to the premium-priced Volkswagen Tiguan. It’s comfortable, too.” (Source: What Car?, 1 December)


“The jacked up Peugeot 2008 made its debut in showrooms backin in 2013, and proved an instant hit thanks to its combination of practicality, an upmarket interior and low running costs,” writes James Disdale for Auto Express, as he pitted the 2008 against class rivals the Vauxhall Mokka X and the Honda HR-V.

Styling receives particular praise from Disdale: “Peugeot has made a concerted effort to push its cars upmarket, and the 2008 is proof that this policy has been a success. For a car that’s smaller than most family hatchbacks, it has an unexpected road presence thanks to its rugged and fashionable SUV lines.

Inside, the 2008 “has arguably a more premium feel than either the Vauxhall or Honda. There are plenty of soft-touch plastics, and the subtle chrome detailing gives things a lift. On top of that, our mid-range Allure test model features LED strips set into the headlining, which give the cabin a cool and futuristic air at night.”

Driving performance was also strong enough to catch the eye as “the 2008 left the Vauxhall trailing at the track, and was also the most agile car in corners. Plus it was the most comfortable choice of the three. The 2008 copes better with potholes and sharp ridges than the stiffer Mokka X and HR-V.

Overall the 2008 came out on top. “With its blend of style, equipment and low running costs, the 2008 is a desirable alternative to conventional hatchback models. It’s more practical than its rivals, and offers more than enough versatility for growing families." (Source: Auto Express, November)