All New Picanto Arrives in UK

New Kia Picanto

The 2015 Geneva Motor Show saw the worldwide debut of the new Kia Picanto, which is now on sale within the UK. The Picanto is available in three- and five-door versions, and feature a wealth of features over previous models in the Picanto line.

In total, there will be 11 models available as part of the Kia Picanto family. Each model will have something different to offer, while still delivering the promise of quality that Kia ensures. Revised styling brings the Picanto a contemporary touch, while the interior features comfortable and modern upholstery alongside the latest in state-of-the-art technology. This includes an audio-visual navigation system, which will be controlled through use of a seven-inch screen.

There is a choice between two Kappa engines for the new Picanto range; a three-cylinder 1.0-litre model, and a 1.25-litre four-cylinder model. These deliver between 68 and 84bhp, can offer a combined fuel consumption of 68.9mpg, and carbon emissions of 95g/km of CO2.

Kia is a firm believer that all vehicle occupants should be protected equally, regardless of model or trim level. As such, airbags are installed within the cabin to surround all passengers, while the body of the vehicle itself has designated crumple zones to absorb energy.

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Red Kia Picanto
Kia Picanto Dashboard
Kia Picanto Interior