New Honda e

Available now at Park's Honda Aberdeen, Ayr, Hamilton and Inverness

Honda’s first all-electric vehicle is a unique combination of dynamic performance, refined comfort and cutting-edge technology. With zero emissions this is a city car for the future. Meet the all-new, all-electric Honda e.

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Honda e
Honda e Engine/Fuel Type: Electric

featured highlights:
(as standard)
✓ Full-width Digital Dashboard
✓ Single Pedal Control
✓ Side Camera Mirror System
✓ Sky Roof & Rear Privacy Glass
Honda e Advance Engine/Fuel Type: Electric

featured highlights:
(in addition to Honda e)
✓ Centre Camera Mirror System
✓ Heated Steering Wheel
✓ 230 Volt Outlet
✓ Honda Parking Pilot

The design of the Honda e is minimalistic and contemporary. It is compact in every way yet stands out in a crowd with its quirky looks and elegant black roof. Symmetrical headlights with LED technology sit within a piano-black surround and its charging point is integrated into the bonnet and easily accessible. Its 17” alloy wheels are the perfect finishing touch to its exterior design.

For a small car its interior is spacious, light and airy and with no centre console and a full screen instrument panel spanning the dashboard, it feels even wider. Seats are comfortable and stylish with the rear providing passengers with excellent legroom.

The drive is quiet and smooth with instant acceleration from a single pedal, all driven by a powerful electric motor sitting within its purpose built chassis. Performance does not disappoint with a rewarding and sporty drive due to the low centre of gravity and 50-50 weight distribution. There are also two drive modes – ‘Normal’ for your daily about town driving and ‘Sport’ for increased responsiveness which also adjusts suspension for better handling.

For Honda reliability is paramount. The Honda e is powered by a high-capacity 35.5 kWh Lithium-ion battery and can use either a Type 2 AC connector or CCS2 DC rapid charger. The vehicles charging status is clearly displayed to the driver by LED.

As standard Honda e models come with Honda Parking Pilot and Side-Car Mirror System to help with tighter city driving conditions. Honda Sensing, Lead Car Departure Notification, Collision Mitigation Throttle Control and Low Speed Brake Function are also standard to support with safe driving. It is also perfectly in-sync with your life when you use the My Honda+ App on your smartphone.

The appearance of the all-electric Honda e is desirable; a perfectly compact electric car that glides on the road, emission-free!