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Volvo proudly introduces the luxury S90, a car that personifies elegance, superior craftsmanship and incredible driver safety. Through expert Swedish engineering, Volvo have created at truly unique executive car that encourages drivers to cruise in unrivalled comfort with the knowledge that when performance is required, the S90 will deliver. The Volvo S90, a car for those who are serious about driving.


Drivers are immediately greeted with a slick imposing design that boldly stands out on the road with a menacing presence. This sharp exterior styling reflects the domineering character of the car, especially the daring Volvo grille. Drivers are guarded with the “Thor-like hammer” inspired lights that have become a signature emblem of premium Volvo engineering. This ensures maximum visibility for drivers at all times. All models also possess LED headlamps and daytime running lights as a standard feature.

The cabin of the S90 has been finished to perfection with a variety of quality leathers and rare Nordic timbers. Every detail has been examined and carefully tailored to represent the finest of Scandinavian artistry. The comfortable seating in the car allows drivers to step out the vehicle calm and relaxed even after long journeys. The S90 is spacious and quiet inside so passengers can appreciate the Volvo driving experience. All instruments fitted into the dashboard and centre console are angled towards the driver so all connectivity and audio options can be easily adjusted. The steering wheel and seating can be altered effortlessly to meet all preferences. Another important feature is the CleanZone system. This uses a Quality Air System which monitors the air content and closes the vents when pollutants enter the air system to protect the health of all passengers on-board.

Volvo has an abundance of safety features to make sure all those who travel in the S90 remain safe and secure. The Intellisafe technology identifies pedestrians, cyclists and large animals on the road and warns the driver of possible collisions. The smart S90 can break for the driver if they don’t react quickly enough to the situation, even in the dark. The software on-board can expertly pinpoint potential risks on the road if approaching possible hazards like slow moving or stationary vehicles. Another valuable feature is the steering assist technology that prevents the car from running outside its lane, particularly useful during motorway driving. A notable addition to this car is the Pilot Assist option which maintains a specific speed automatically and creates a safe distance between the car and the driver in front. This system also ensures that drivers stay within their lane markings by intuitively making adjustments to the steering.

Volvo has included the latest advanced technology within the S90 model to ensure drivers and passengers remain safe, connected and entertained. With Volvo’s new Drive-E powertrains, customers can look forward to an executive car that is kinder to the environment and more efficient on fuel. Drivers can opt to travel in Power mode, for when an enhanced performance is required, this also remarkably keeps emissions and fuel consumption levels low. Pure/Eco mode is perfect for short journeys, producing no emissions and using zero fuel. Alternatively drivers can switch to Hybrid mode which combines the use of both electric and petrol motors and ensures that their function is at an optimal level, for whatever challenge lays ahead. Sensus is at the pinnacle of Volvo engineering and connects those on-board intelligently using advanced technology to make journeys more pleasurable and more entertaining. The S90 has been fitted with a stunning, high definition, touch sensitive display. Another important addition is the conveniently placed steering wheel controls, so drivers never have to take their hands off the wheel. Voice controls allow drivers to request specific actions and there is an impressive head-up display system which projects useful information onto the front windscreen, allowing drivers to keep their eyes focused on the road. The cabin also features a state of the art audio system which is integrated nicely within the HD touch screen.


Meet the Volvo S90 Recharge – the dynamic Scandinavian plug-in hybrid saloon.

• Up to 37 miles pure electric range

• PM2.5 Air Quality

• 61-44g C02/km*

• 104.5-148.7 mpg*

An electric motor and petrol combustion engine work together in the S90 Recharge, meaning reduced tailpipe emissions, improved traction and unrivalled power.

Embrace new. S90 Recharge has a refreshed exterior featuring enhanced chrome detailing including a new chrome grille. Decide which exclusive style suits you best: Inscription or R-Design. The S90 Recharge features true luxury with a beautifully crafted gear shifter in genuine Swedish crystal – handmade exclusively for Volvo by the glass artisans at Orrefors®.

Advanced safety and technology in the S90 Recharge features: blind spot information system (BLIS™), intelligent driver assist technology, run-off road mitigation system, 360° high definition cameras, advanced air cleaner, Volvo On Call app, Bowers & Wilkins speakers, head up display and cloud-based communication including Volvo on-call concierge.

*The specified fuel consumption values and CO2 emissions were determined in accordance with the newly introduced Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP) and additionally measured in practical driving operation using the Real Drive Emission (RDE) method. The figures are WLTP measured values which are reported according to NEFZ. The engines thus comply with the EURO 6d-TEMP emissions standard.

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