Volvo Dent Removal in Ayr

Whenever you take your Volvo out on the road, the possibility that your car could be dented is always a concern. Should an incident of this nature arise, you can trust in a local, manufacturer-approved and competitively-priced dent removal service. This service is available at Park’s Volvo: our bodyshop team offers both Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) and the traditional dent filling method.

PDR is a quick procedure used for smaller dents, in which a technician will ‘massage’ them out. The other effective dent removal method involves carefully filling the dent in with paint. We make sure that all methods are carried out with absolute attentiveness and efficiency – to the high standards you expect and demand from Volvo. Wherever paint filling and covering is carried out, the paintwork will match the exact shade of your car. We can also guarantee you three years of a smooth, shiny coating that you can admire and be proud of.

No matter the condition of your car when you bring it to our technicians, we will provide a service that restores it as closely to its original state as possible, maintaining your Volvo’s reputable safety and attractive style features.

In order to book a Dent Removal service with our Park’s Volvo Body Repair Centre team, please contact us in Heathfield, Ayr.