from £250 incl. VAT and Fitting

At Park’s Toyota we want to ensure both you and your Toyota are safe on the roads.

The Toyota integrated Dash Cam is discreet and fits flawlessly on the upper windscreen, recording the road ahead giving you peace of mind whilst on the road.

Why have a Dash Cam installed in your Toyota? Dash Cam footage is accepted as proof by all the top major insurers, helping dash camera owners save money and helps to make our roads safer.

Dash Cam features:

✔ Download and view footage to your smartphone or PC through inbuilt Wi-Fi.

✔ Full 1080p HD with a unique 90 degree vertical adjustment.

✔ High capacity 16GB memory card, recording video files and images on a loop.

✔ Custom-made design for integration in all current Toyota models.

✔ Super-fast GPS which allows you to track your journey and identify where an incident occurred, as well as the speed of the vehicle.

✔ Intelligent Parking Mode function automatically starts recording when impact or physical movement of the vehicle is detected.

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