We were delighted to handover a £1,500 donation from the Toyota (GB) Charitable Trust to Corrin from Day1 and Michael from Inverness Kart Raceway to support their continued mentoring of young people.

Day1 has been mentoring young people for over ten years now who are failing to thrive due to difficult social backgrounds. The donation will enable the charity to help young people by ensuring the commercial success of their Social Enterprise and will allow the development of strong partnerships between the third sector and the business community.

In addition, the Inverness Kart Raceway is a venue where young people can gain SQA accredited training, work experience and part time employment. The contribution will go towards training the volunteers and enabling them to support the members of the program effectively and helping them to strive to achieve their potential. The venue is accessible to all troubled youths who are part of the initiative.

James MacDonald, Regional Director, Park’s Motor Group

“We are very proud to be supporting Day1 and Inverness Kart Raceway. The donation will be used across all aspects of the charity’s daily workings and in supporting youths in the local community. Contributing to the local community matters to Toyota and this will create positive change and opportunities in our home town.”

Corrin Henderson, Chief Executive, Day1

“On behalf of our charity, Day1, and the vulnerable young people in the community who benefit from having a Day1 mentor, I would like to thank Park's Toyota for their donation. Day1 recently held a graduation event for 25 young people on the program at our social enterprise, Inverness Kart Raceway. During this event the young people took the time to tell me about the positive difference having a volunteer Day1 mentor has made to their lives. With confidence and pride I was informed about their plans for their future, all of which now seems much more possible because of Day1. Words like “amazing support”, “life changing” and “sorted” are common place at these events. For 12 years Day1 has been the significant difference in helping vulnerable local young people aspire and achieve a better future. Donations like those from Park's and Toyota and partnerships with Inverness Kart Raceway help us continue to be that difference.”