Skoda produces its one millionth SUV

The one millionth Skoda SUV has rolled off the production line at Skoda’s Kvasiny factory in the Czech Republic! The milestone vehicle is a green Karoq 1.5 and is being delivered to Eike Schröder in Spain, who, like many others, has chosen the Karoq for its exceptional quality, compelling value and cutting-edge technology.

Skoda’s success in the SUV market began with the Skoda Yeti in 2009, followed by the 7-seater Skoda Kodiaq and compact crossover Skoda Karoq, which were both launched in 2017. Oliver Stefani, Skoda’s chief designer, explains how the proliferation of Skoda’s SUVs can be attributed to the versatility of both the Kodiaq and Karoq:

“[they] offer everything from great driving, safety and space to a covetable and powerful design. This combination gives people a sense of freedom. You can use your car to take the family out, you can explore the countryside, you can enjoy a pleasant drive, or you can make an entrance when you have to go to a business meeting”.

The Kodiaq and Karoq SUV model lines have contributed significantly to Skoda’s success and continue to represent the company’s key drivers for growth. Along with electric vehicles, autonomous driving and connectivity, the SUV campaign forms an essential part of Skoda’s Strategy 2025.