Škoda Electric and Hybrid

Škoda has set a goal to expand their range with even more hybrids and EVs; they believe the future is electric. With an increase in mile range, power and charging speed, Škoda’s models compete with petrol and diesel cars on prices, performance and most importantly sustainability.

Contact our dealerships in Dumfries and Hamilton to learn more about each car's availability and features. We supply to retailer customers, business owners and are also a Premier partner of the Motability Scheme.




Plug-in Hybrid

Škoda’s hybrid options offer great cars for those who travel far or have limited access to charging points. With Škoda’s Powerpass, you have access to charging stations all over Europe to charge the battery without having to depend on a charging station at home. The flexibility of having both an electric and combustion engine provides the freedom for longer drives.


All Electric

Škoda offers electric vehicles that are entirely
battery-driven. The electric engine is, therefore, the only power supply and it provides a low-cost solution while producing no tailpipe emissions. It’s a greener and more cost-effective choice.