Maserati Servicing in Hamilton

Visit our Hamilton showroom near Glasgow, Ayrshire, Perth & Lanarkshire today

The service centre on site at our Park’s Maserati dealership is both manufacturer and insurance-approved for your peace of mind, and professionals and industry experts hold our work in the highest regard.

In addition to the cutting-edge diagnostic and repair equipment that we use, you can count on our fully qualified servicing staff for any maintenance work and fittings. We treat every vehicle with the utmost respect, and use only genuine Maserati components from the factory to keep your model in the best condition. You can also have the confidence that we’ll perform any servicing and repair work according to Maserati’s own guidelines.

Customers who select any brand new or approved used Maserati model from our Park’s showroom automatically receive a Park’s Motor Group Platinum Card. The exclusive card entitles the bearer to a 10 percent discount on all future servicing that they receive at our Glasgow Maserati dealership.

Our expertise applies to the complete range of Maserati cars – even if you didn’t purchase your vehicle from our Maserati showroom in Hamilton, we will be happy to provide you with our finest service and care. In comparison to cheaper or lower quality alternatives, an authentic Maserati service will always be the better choice for both you and your car, and we strongly advise you to choose nothing less than the genuine article when seeking any maintenance works for your vehicle.

Please call or visit us today to find out more about our servicing – the team at our Park’s Maserati dealership in Hamilton near Glasgow, Ayrshire, Perth and Lanarkshire are always ready and waiting to help you.