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The New Maserati Levante is the best in Italian design and embodies the soul of Maserati. It’s elegance, strength, and boldness create a new and unique SUV style that blends with the traditional Maserati coupe lines.

The new Levante design accentuates its sporting inspirations by incorporating the classic Maserati concave grille and highlighting the shape of the engine compartment with the flow of the front wings. The intelligent 25W Bi-Xenon headlights are specially designed to adapt to all road types with the optional Adaptive Front Lighting System to ensure optimum visibility and driving safety.

Frameless doors and rear wings emphasise the New Levante’s elegant features and enhance the stylish, unique coupe-style look of the vehicle.

The signature sound of a Maserati is continued with two sound actuators fitted near the exhaust tailpipes. By activating the Sport option, the engine’s more prominent notes are emphasised, providing you with a truly electrifying experience.

Within the Levante’s remarkable interior cabin there is a plethora of premium leather, platinum-effect metals, handcrafted stitching, and much more. The luxury of the Levante is continuously highlighted throughout from the high-tech accessories to the premium finishings.

Highly ergonomic front seats are designed to ensure maximum comfortability by providing excellent support on every terrain. Rear passengers receive similar treatment with asymmetrically split, leather bench seats that comfortably seat up to three people.

The Maserati Touch Control 8.4” touchscreen brings control over the on-board equipment and features to your fingertips. Access to your smartphone, climate control, sat nav, are just a tap away. Music, films, and images can play from the MTC by way of and Aux-in and USB sockets or the SD card reader.

The tailgate’s 550-litre luggage compartment is designed to accommodate any large items you may need to bring along during your journeys. For the extra-large items, the rear bench seatback can be folded down asymmetrically to reveal tremendous additional luggage space.

The Maserati Levante continues with the famous Maserati engine technology with its 3.0 Twin Turbo V6 petrol engine and the 3.0 V6 turbo-diesel engine. Both engines achieve astonishing levels of performance, while reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

With the ability to sense low grip conditions such as slippery roads or cornering at high speeds, the Intelligent Q4 System reacts to adjust the torque split from 100% rear-wheel drive, up to equal distribution between both front and rear wheels to ensure the best control.

The Levante’s Air Shutter works to regulate the engine temperature by way of constant adjustments to increase efficiency and reduce the aerodynamic drag of the car, there in reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

To optimise the driving experience for each individual, customised solutions are designed to each drivers unique and personal taste. Customers can choose from a range of interior solutions from sound systems to designer seats, door panels, roof linings and more, as well as a selection of exterior colours and wheel types to suit each driver’s personality.

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