The Maserati Fuoriserie Collection

Trends may fade but STYLE never goes out. Explore the Maserati Fuoriserie range and get ready to break the rules.

The Maserati Fuoriserie is tailor-made to represent your true authentic self, it’s exclusively designed for the bold, the fierce and for the ones who are not afraid to hit the road in something exceptionally different. The programme allows you to design your one-of-a-kind Maserati car that is styled by you only, so get ready to unleash your audacity and make your own rules when you hit the road.

Maserati Fuoriserie Collection Corse Edition
Corse No school like the old school.

Beyond perfect for the lovers of timeless style and are passionate about the ‘Gentleman Racer’ era. The Corse collection creates a narrative like no other with a style that is both captivating and race-inspired.
Maserati Fuoriserie Collection Unica Edition
Unica Seize the day.

For the dedicated dynamic individuals that express the language of ‘now’, for the ones with a passion for art, fashion and culture. The Unica is the perfect addition for the trend-setters.
Maserati Fuoriserie Collection Futura Edition
Futura The best is yet to come.

For the lovers of all things technology and new materials. The Futura is for the ones who embrace and encourage change with positive energy and passion.

With three bold collections, there is a range of infinite possibilities at your fingertips. Whatever you are looking for, you will find it in your Maserati that will suit your lifestyle perfectly.

To find out more, contact our Park’s Maserati Specialist Sales team who will assist you in creating your one-of-a-kind Maserati.

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