Introducing the first of its kind, the Maserati MC20

Available at Park's Maserati in Hamilton

The Maserati Super Sports Car pushes through all boundaries of time, placing you to race fearlessly into a new fast-paced future with Maserati. You will become the first to experience the Nettuno Engine, known as the beating heart of the MC20 and the first of its kind. The First Nettuno Engine derived from F1 for a tremendous 3.0L V6 630HP Engine, providing your MC20 with patented technology and high performance every time you’re in the driver’s seat. Not only is it the first to have the Nettuno Engine but also the first to feature a Carbon Fibre Monocoque, creating a lightning-fast and feather-light driving experience. With every turn, you take you will feel the smooth lightweight performance.

With the MC20 you will be turning heads wherever you go with its stunning beauty and muscular features. Its smooth and glossy aggressive cutting edges allow you to cut through the air as you drive with this breath-taking model. Its exterior style provides a legendary return to Maserati’s racing origins, right from its name to its design. Creating the perfect combination of the future and inspiration from the past. You can choose from six exterior colours to create a personalised look to fit your lifestyle.

The interior of the MC20 is like no other with its combination of luxury and sophistication with race-inspired refinement. Every detail enhances the connection between you and your MC20, with its outstanding edge and luxurious design giving you the ultimate sporty experience. Each component serves a practical purpose, inspired by luxury watches. The exceptional mechanical drive mode selector distinguishes the Carbon Fibre central tunnel, reminding everyone on board they are in a Maserati and the experience is like no other. The comfort level within the MC20 provides you with a smooth and effortless drive, with also the choice of the finest leather, Alcantara and carbon fibre. The sound system is made by the finest in Italy, creating an incredible experience with an optional Sonus Faber High-Premium Audio System. With every drive, you will be stepping in and out with ease with the butterfly wing doors that set the ultimate sport-race scene.

The V6 engine is capable of an astonishing acceleration of 0-100km (60 mph) in 2.9 seconds and top speeds of 325 km/h (202 mph). A fully electric vehicle is coming with a performance as equally exciting as the V6 guaranteed. The MC20 is a pure-bred Maserati for a new era and rest assured the performance the MC20 offers will keep you on your toes. Its 4 high class driving modes featuring GT, Sport, Corsa and Wet providing your Maserati with the ultimate driving performance.

The Maserati MC20 is here to offer you a breath-taking experience like no other, get in touch with us today at Park’s Maserati and prepare yourself for the ultimate supreme performance.