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The very first British All-Electric Hypercar. A bloodline steeped in daring innovation and radical thinking takes another revolutionary leap forward, the Lotus Evija.

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British all-electric Hypercar 215 miles
Target range (346km) (WLTP combined cycle)
Speed and Power 200+ mph
Target max speed of more than 200mph (320km/h)

Delivered through 4 powerful electric motors
Lightest EV Hypercar 1680 kg
Expected to be the lightest EV hypercar ever to enter production

The next thrilling chapter of one of the greatest automotive stories ever told comes in the form of the Lotus Evija, meaning “first in existence”, which continues a 70-year tradition of iconic, game-changing road and racing cars. With only 130 being produced, the Evija will be one of the most exclusive vehicles ever launched.

Undoubtedly the most striking element of the Evija is its futuristic sleek exterior. From every angle, the full carbon fibre bodywork is stretched taut, giving the body the appearance of being shrink-wrapped over the mechanical components. The Evija is the first Lotus road vehicle to ever feature a full carbon fibre chassis. Hovering with a ride height of just 105mm, the muscular haunches envelope the teardrop style cabin that sits comfortably between them.

The most dramatic element of the body comes in the form of the Venturi tunnel which pierces each rear quarter, optimising air flow by directing it through the body shell. The Venturi tunnel aids the delivery of high-energy air flow to the rear of the car which in turn counteracts the low pressure behind the vehicle to reduce drag. From the rear, each tunnel is stylishly edged with a red LED to create a bold ribbon-style light signature.

Lotus Evija Cockpit

Equally as dramatic as the exterior, is the Evija’s interior. Access to the cabin is granted through the two dihedral doors. Handle-free to preserve the sculpted exterior, the butterfly wing doors are operated through the key fob. Inside, the cabin strikes the perfect balance between precise functionality of a track car and the comfort of a road car with a fully adjustable driving position and carbon fibre, hand-trimmed with thick Alcantara-finished pads, shell seats.

Lotus Evija Steering Wheel
Lotus Evija Digital Display

The stylistic ‘ski-slope’ centre console features touch-sensitive haptic feedback buttons, allowing the driver to manage the Evija’s features with ease. Via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, users can easily connect their smartphones in order to access personal music and navigation applications. In addition, an innovative digital display provides customers with key information such as mode, battery charge and remaining range.

The Evija’s Formula 1 inspired steering wheel reinforces the Evija’s sporting intentions, while the Alcantara finish on the outer ring emphasises its elegant nature. This fusion of sport and luxury is what makes the Evija as usable around town as it is on the track.

Lotus Evija

The advanced, purely electric, powertrain makes for record-breaking power. With target figures of 2,000 PS of power and 1,700 Nm of torque, the Evija is the world’s most powerful production road car. Vital to that exceptional power output is the 2,000 kW lithium-ion battery. The battery pack is mounted centrally behind the passenger compartment and its cover is visible through the rear glass screen.

Lotus Evija

Not only is the Evija home to the world’s most powerful automotive drivetrain, it also boasts the world’s fastest charging battery. Using existing charging technology – such as a 350kW unit, the most powerful currently available– the Evija’s charge time will be an impressive 12 minutes to 80% and 18 minutes to 100%. The car has a range of 250 miles (400 km) on the WLTP Combined Cycle, or 270 miles on the NEDC Combined Cycle.

Weighing just 1750kg and with a target maximum speed of over 200mph, the Evija is expected to be the lightest Electric Vehicle ever to enter production. Made to be porous, born to be driven – The Lotus Evija.

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