The Fully Electric Hyper-GT

The Lotus Emeya is the first Fully Electric Hyper-GT in the world and is designed to offer supreme performance with a luxurious feel. Silence has never made so much noise!

Coming soon to Lotus Glasgow.

Emeya recreates for a Hyper-GT the exquisitely weighted steering of the Emira, the ground-breaking aerodynamic performance of the Evija, and the opulent experience of the Eletre.

To give customers an option between range, comfort, and performance, the Emeya will be offered in three variants: the Emeya, Emeya S, and Emeya R.

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Lotus Emeya 9x3
Performance Engine
3.5-litre, V6 Supercharged


0 - 60mph: 4.2 Seconds

Top Speed
180 mph
Lotus Emeya Exterior - Alloy wheel
Exterior (as standard) ✓ 20" Forged Alloy Wheels

✓ Two-Piece Brake Discs with colour choice

✓ Six colours available

✓ Black Wing Uprights
Lotus Emeya - Interior
Interior (as standard) ✓ Nappa Leather Trim

✓ KEF 10-channel premium audio system

✓ 12 way adjustable seating inc. 2 memory functions

✓ Black Alcantara Steering Wheel
Lotus Emeya Exterior - Alloy wheel
Lotus Emeya Exterior - Rear Spoiler
Lotus Emeya Exterior - Rear

Aimed at performance-oriented drivers, the Emeya maintains the Lotus DNA by incorporating design attributes from the Emira, Evija and Eletre.

The front nose is designed to quickly puncture the air whilst the porous design allows the car to cut through the air for a sportier look, lighter feel and increased range.

Active aerodynamic features include the pioneering front grille first seen on the Eletre, plus the active air dam, rear diffuser and rear spoiler.

The new Aerodynamic features and ultra-low centre of gravity means it feels like driving a racing car, in both comfort and luxury.

Powerful and progressive lines throughout the design emphasise movement and agility, creating an effortlessly sleek silhouette. The class-leading active rear wing deploys at high speed to increase downforce and improve handling. Adaptive Driving Beam technology maximizes low-light vision while shielding oncoming drivers from glare.

Lotus Emeya - Interior
Lotus Emeya - Interior

The Emeya cabin features advanced and sustainable materials giving the eco-conscious driver a clear state of mind.

This includes a new luxury thread made from repurposed fibres from the fashion industry – as well as PVD aluminium, Alcantara, Nappa leather, and Ultrafabrics PU.

Lotus Emeya - Interior
Lotus Emeya - Interior

Enjoy a critically acclaimed sound system developed in partnership with KEF and Dolby. Integrated road noise cancellation (RNC) results in high-fidelity audio, allowing drivers to be fully immersed in the luxury cabin, distraction-free.

Quickly access external environment details using the expansive 55-inch projected augmented reality Heads-Up display. It combines real-time road information with navigation and advanced driver assistance systems data, displaying turn signals, obstacle warnings, lane departure, forward collision alerts and blind spot monitoring.

Emeya has an electronically controlled air suspension system. Its advanced on-board sensors feel the road 1,000 times a second and automatically adjust the vehicle to ensure the smoothest experience while on the road.

Lotus Emeya 9x3

Exceptional charge times can take the Emeya from 10% to 80% in just 18 minutes, getting drivers back on the road and on the move. In addition, when charging from a 350kW DC ultra-rapid charger you can extend its range by more than 150kms or 90 miles in just 5 minutes.

With the ability to go from 0-62mph (0-100km/h) in under 2.8 seconds, Emeya is amongst the most powerful four-door GTs in the world. (Emeya R)

Relentless acceleration allows the Emeya to top out at a top speed of more than 159mph (256km/h).

The Emeya’s dual motor architecture provides 905 hp and 985 N·m of torque, with a class-leading power-to-weight ratio that provides a uniquely Lotus driving experience. Moreover, a best-in-class braking system and high-performance tyres give the driver confidence whilst on the road.

The Emeya is the epitome of beautiful design, efficient and elegant engineering solutions, embracing technology, masterful craftsmanship, advanced materials, innovation and ingenuity, and pushing new boundaries. These are the very things which made Lotus great. Thrilling dynamics, ride and handling, optimised aerodynamics and world-class design – are where Lotus has pioneered and dominated throughout its 75-year history, on road cars and race cars. Bringing together past and present, the Lotus Emeya was born on the track but is at home on the road.

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