Introducing Suzuki HYBRID at Park’s.

The new petrol electric hybrid range from Suzuki offers you an advanced driving system which helps reduce CO2 emissions and improve fuel economy. The new hybrid engine has been added to the entire Suzuki range (with the exception of the Jimny!), which means there really is something for everyone.

Driving performance has always been at the forefront of Suzuki values, and the hybrid range is no different. The new hybrid systems are light and compact, and when combined with a lightweight chassis and responsive efficient petrol engine, you can expect an agile performance, as well as improved efficiency.

Self-Charging Hybrids
There are a few different types of hybrid and electric engines available in today’s market, so we want to explain the benefits of the Suzuki HYBRID to help you make the choice that’s right for you.

The new Suzuki HYBRID range uses an electric motor called an integrated starter generator (ISG), which works alongside the car’s petrol engine to improve its efficiency. The ISG is powered by an extra battery that is charged only by recovering energy that would normally be lost during braking and deceleration, and therefore does not need to be plugged in to charge. The ISG also powers all additional electrical systems such as safety features, air conditioning, and Bluetooth and smartphone connectivity to name a few.

What it means for you
The Suzuki HYBRID system can boost fuel economy by as much as 15%, as well as reducing CO2 emissions by as much as 25%, when compared to previous non-hybrid Suzuki petrol models. The ISG also acts as an engine starter, which will ensure it is smoother and quieter than cars with a traditional starter motor. And, for a more responsive ride, the Swift Sport, Vitara and S-Cross use the ISG and energy stored in the lithium ion battery to enhance the engines torque output is at a low rpm.

The Suzuki HYBRID range has been designed to run just like a car with a petrol engine so you don’t have to change how you drive. All components are extremely compact and light, meaning each car within the range remains light and fun to drive, whilst keeping their practical interior space, without any compromise!

All you have to do in your Suzuki HYBRID is drive. Drive as you have in every other Suzuki you have ever owned (or any other car, for that matter), enjoying the smoother and more efficient performance, all while saving a few extra pennies!

To discover more about the range, or to book your test drive, contact us today.