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The Peugeot Partner is the latest generation of a small van from Peugeot offering exceptional quality and ensures a pleasurable, comfortable driving experience. With every driver having their own needs the Peugeot Partner comes in three models, ASPHALT, GRIP and CREW meeting whatever your requirements are.


All models include the latest Peugeot i-Cockpit® 8” colour touchscreen, which faces towards the drivers view in the centre of the dashboard. This feature means everything is at the reach of your fingertips, both ensuring you are travelling in the correct direction with the latest navigation system, along with a compact steering wheel that gives you a dynamic, natural driving experience. Meanwhile, the head-ups display enables you to read the essential information while keeping your eyes on the road, for safety and ease. The key features include DAB radio, satellite navigation, climate control, vehicle settings and telephone.

The distinct exterior is perfectly balanced, a short parallel bonnet with its tough front supporting a long grille with moulded headlights, door mirrors and large 16” wheels.

For those who spend many hours in their vehicle the Partner ASPHALT provides the best comfort and security, with the latest driving and manoeuvring assistance systems on board. It has Surround Rear Vision, Mirror- Screen Technology, comfort seat and connectivity, not to mention ample storage space and a pivoting writing table, the automatic windscreen wipers, cruise control, speed limit, electronic Automatic parking brake, Peugeot i-Cockpit, soundproofing for top quality acoustics, efficient engines and the new EAT8 automatic gearbox!

Surround Rear vision has 3 mechanisms; a camera on the door-mirror which relays images of the passenger side of the vehicle increasing blind spot visibility as well as an extended range rear visibility function. The third, a reversing camera, shows the van’s immediate surroundings which are displayed on a screen positioned in place of the rear view mirror. This excellent feature makes driving easier and safer as well enhancing overall visibility.

Fit for all types of terrain is the Peugeot Partner GRIP, for those who need to access difficult, dirty or long roads or transport heavy goods but need the flexibility to accommodate 3 passengers when doing so. Peugeot Partner GRIP is fitted with standard equipment to suit your needs including an under body protective plate under the engine, large 16” wheels with Mud+Snow tyres, enhance traction with Advance Grip Control®, a full size steel spare wheel, hard plastic load floor covering and reaching a payload of up to 1,000kg. The standard Loading Pack offers LED lighting to the load area, four additional mid-height load securing rings and a 220v power socket.

Peugeot Partner CREW is designed to transport up to five people due to its Multi-Flex seating system and is still capable of holding a 850kg payload, thanks to the retractable side passenger seat. It comes with three front seats with a Multi-Flex modular folding passenger bench seat, hard plastic loading floor protection, 1000kg payload and LED lighting in the rear load area.

The Peugeot Partner maximises storage potential with features such as a boot tray and an upper glove box smartly placed inside the cabin with the ability to store a 15” laptop or even a refrigeration section. Furthermore, the use of a cable conduit enables any device to be left on charge while stored in this compartment. Not to forget, the storage compartment under the central seat which can be locked using a padlock.

Looking to maximise accessibility? This can be achieved with twin sliding doors and the rear hinged panelled doors can be extended to 180 degrees for easier loading.

The CREW model can hold up to 3 people in the rear with comfortable seats, extra knee space and usable length of up to 3.5 meters! It’s ability to transport bulky loads, up to 3.9m in volume and up to 2.15m in length.

The Peugeot Partner range is perfect for all your business drive and desires!

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