New McLaren Senna GTR

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A legend intensified, the McLaren Senna GTR is ready to be unleashed on the track. Created to achieve the fastest lap times by a McLaren outwith the Formula 1™ and a mind-boggling power to weight ratio, the Senna GTR offers the most extreme and engaging track experience.

The McLaren Senna GTR’s remarkable performance is thanks to its M840TR 4.0 L twin-turbocharged V8 engine. Generating 825 PS and 800 Nm of torque, with a dry weight of just 1,188 kg, the Senna GTR is an extraordinary powerhouse.

The lightweight Monocage III-R chassis and motorsport-derived suspension deliver unbelievable handling as well as a level of precision and control which is utterly responsive to your control. As with every McLaren, the Senna GTR is built on the immensely strong and light carbon fibre tub. Capable of thrilling performance and honed for competition. The radically enlarged front splitter, dive planes, rear diffuser and integrated rear wing endplates are just some of the significant changes which contribute to exceptional aerodynamic performance and downforce.

Power and Performance ✔ 4.0L Twin-turbocharged V8
✔ 825PS with 800NM of torque

Maximum Speed
✔ 205mph

✔ 814 BHP

✔ 1,188kg dry

✔ 825PS

The standing quarter mile is completed in 10.0 seconds

Technology ✔ RaceActive Chassis Control II
✔ Hydraulic suspension
✔ Race-inspired dry sump lubrication
✔ Flat-plane crankshaft
✔ Lightweight connecting rods and pistons
Braking ✔ 124mph (200km/h) to Zero in 100 metres
✔ Next-generation carbon ceramic brakes
✔ Calipers feature a super-stiff monobloc design
✔ Six ventilated pistons
✔ Brake booster

Employing ground-breaking technology first developed in Formula 1™, drivers can count on the GTR’s high-speed stability and grip. The active rear wing with air brake and drag reduction system [DRS] work in harmony with the front aero blades, pivoting automatically to reduce drag at high speeds or to increase downforce whilst braking. The Senna GTR is a primal force, perfectly balanced.

Allow the McLaren race-bred technology to unleash your potential as a driver. Anti-collision Radar technology is on hand to give critical information on the positions of the cars around you, ensuring your safety whilst the Race Driver Display provides vital information in a split second. Pit to Car Radio and Intercom makes essential communication to your crew effortless. The VBOX HD records input from the car’s sensors and video footage from your laps so you can review and improve your races, with your head in the race and eyes on the prize.
The McLaren Senna GTR is the ultimate track car.

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