New McLaren GTS

The McLaren GTS will exceed your expectations - an all-out McLaren supercar with ultimate usability.

McLaren GTS
Technical Highlights Engine configuration:
✔ M840TE 4.0L (3,994cc) twin-turbocharged V8 engine

Drivetrain layout:
✔ Longitudinal mid-engined, RWD

✔ 7-speed + reverse seamless shift gearbox (SSG)

✔ Independent adaptive dampers with Proactive Damping Control,
dual aluminium wishbones. Comfort, Sport and Track modes

✔ Electro-hydraulic; power-assisted

✔ Carbon Ceramic Disc Brakes (390mm front, 380mm rear)
✔ Forged Aluminium 4-Piston Calipers (front and rear)
McLaren GTS
Power and Performance Maximum Power PS (BHP) (kW):
✔ 635PS (626bhp) (467kW) @7,500rpm

Maximum Torque Nm (lb-ft):
✔ 630Nm (465lb ft) @ 5,500 - 6,500rpm

✔ 3.1 seconds

0-100 km/h (0-62 mph):
✔ 3.2 seconds

0-200 km/h (0-124 mph):
✔ 8.9 seconds

0-400 metres (1/4 mile):
✔ 11.0 seconds

Stopping Distance:
✔ 100–0 km/h (62–0mph) 32m (105ft)

Stopping Distance:
✔ 200–0 km/h (124–0 mph) 127m (417ft)

V max km/h (mph):
✔ 326 (203)
McLaren GTS
Weight DIN Kerb Weight [fluids + 90% fuel]:
✔ 1,520 kgs (3,351 lbs)

Curb Weight, USA [fluids + 100% fuel]:
✔ 1,525 kgs (3,362 lbs)

Dry Weight:
✔ Base: 1,483 kg (3,270 lbs)

Dry Weight:
✔ Minimum : Minimum: 1,456 kg (3,210 lbs)

Weight Distribution:
✔ Front: Front: 42.5%

Weight Distribution:
✔ Rear: 57.5%%
McLaren GTS

The McLaren GTS is instantly recognisable with its low, sculpted, classic McLaren profile. Stripped of excess weight, the McLaren GTS features a class-leading power-to-weight ratio – enabled by the pioneering MonoCell II-T chassis. The mid-engine performance supercar is 4.7m longer than other series-production McLaren models. Crafted with a focus on aerodynamics, the GTS's form seamlessly enhances function, generating 100kg of downforce for exceptional stability and driver confidence.

McLaren GTS
McLaren GTS

Whilst similar to its predecessor, the McLaren GTS is a more dominant road presence. With an assertive front bumper, wider air intakes and more pronounced air scoops; the GTS is sculpted for exhilarating performance.

McLaren GTS

Open the iconic McLaren Dihedral Doors to enter the driver-focused cabin of the GTS. The emphasised windscreen, extensive glazed tailgate and C-pillars provide almost 360 degrees of visibility and maximise natural light.

Luxurious yet tactile materials have been used to create a functional and comfortable interior. Choose from materials such as Nappa Leather, sporty Alcantara®, silky Cashmere or the new Softgrain Aniline Leather. The luggage bay in the rear offers an additional 420L of storage and is finished in an ultra-durable advanced textile, SuperFabric®. The McLaren GTS’ interior has been engineered for long-distance comfort.

McLaren GTS

Grand touring in the GTS proves to be thrilling, reaching 0-60 mph in 3.1 seconds and with top speeds of 203mph (326km/h). The 4.0 Litre Twin-Turbocharged V8 generates 635PS at 8,000 RPM and 630Nm. Unleash the full potential of the McLaren GTS.

McLaren GTS

Inside the cabin, technology is advanced and intuitive; helping you make the most of every journey. From the 7-inch touchscreen, you can access the new McLaren Infotainment System II and a whole host of technology and vehicle settings.

McLaren GTS
McLaren GTS

A 12-Speaker Bowers and Wilkins Audio System creates an immersive audio experience within the GTS cabin. Innovative and Advanced NVH (Noise Vibration and Harshness) cancelling materials have been used to minimise road, tyre and wind noise without cancelling the exceptional sound from the engine bay.

McLaren GTS

Discover the McLaren GTS with McLaren Glasgow or McLaren Leeds. Arriving soon.