McLaren 570S

Available at McLaren Glasgow and McLaren Leeds

The McLaren 570S is top of the range reaching incredible performance levels of 570PS (562bhp) and 600Nm (443lb ft) providing drivers with the ultimate sports car experience. The 570S symbolises the seemingly impossible as it is the lightest model in its range yet has the highest power to weight ratio. The shrink-wrapped aluminium body panels and teardrop-shaped cockpit of the 570S Coupé reduce drag resistance while creating a flawless and breath taking appearance.

Technical highlights Engine configuration:
✔ M838TE 3.8L twin-turbocharged V8 engine

Drivetrain layout:
✔ Longitudinal mid-engined, RWD

✔ 7-speed + reverse Seamless Shift Gearbox (SSG)
✔ Twin multi plate clutches

✔ Adaptive damping ‘S’ tune
✔ 3 x handling modes (Normal, Sport, Track)

✔ Electro hydraulic

✔ Carbon-ceramic brake calipers (F: 6-piston R: 4-piston)

Power and Performance Maximum Power PS (BHP) (kW):
✔ 570 (562/419) @ 7,500rpm

Maximum Torque Nm (lb-ft):
✔ 600 (443) @ 5,000-6,500rpm

0-100 km/h (0-62 mph):
✔ 3.2 seconds

0-200 km/h (0-124 mph):
✔ 9.5 seconds

✔ 3.1 seconds

✔ 6.3 seconds

0-400 metres (1/4 mile):
✔ 10.9 seconds

Stopping Distance:
✔ 100–0 km/h (62–0mph) 31m (102ft)

Stopping Distance:
✔ 200–0 km/h (124–0 mph) 126m (413ft)

Weight V Max km/h (mph):
328 (204)

DIN Kerb Weight [fluids + 90% fuel]:
✔ 1,452 kgs (3,201 lbs)

Curb Weight, USA [fluids + 100% fuel]:
✔ 1,457 kgs (3,212 lbs)

Dry Weight:
✔ Base: 1,356 kgs (2,989lbs)

Dry Weight:
✔ Minimum* : 1,313 kgs (2,895lbs)

Weight Distribution:
✔ Front: 42%

Weight Distribution:
✔ Rear: 58%

The futuristic design of the McLaren 570S is instantly eye catching. The 570S comes with unique body styling which includes the Sport Aero Pack with new rear diffuser, front splitter and side skits while an even more driver-focused chassis further increases the appeal of the 570S yet still maintains the cars day-to-day usability. Distinctive design features not only add to the incredible look of the car but each design feature also adds functional elements.

The 570S exhibits the McLaren trademark Diherdral Doors which rise above either side of the model ensuring access is effortless and without flaw. While the contoured design of the shrink-wrapped dihedral doors not only look impressive but they serve the purpose of cooling air to the engine bay and are designed and executed in lightweight aluminium. The distinctively shaped nose on the 570S has been designed to emulate those on McLaren's Formula 1 cars. Additionally, the 'flying buttress' rear pillars not only help to create the cars athletic stance but they also increase down force to aid with the cars incredible handling and performance.

Indulge in a world of pure comfort and extravagance with the 570S’ luxurious interior. Hand stitched leather, a floating centre console and uncluttered interior architecture features add to the exquisite quality interior. The 7-inch touchscreen offers intuitive control over the McLaren IRIS infotainment system with standard specification including Bluetooth Telephone Connection, Satellite Navigation and Audio Streaming. The interior of the 570S can be personalised to suit your every need ranging from highly luxurious or super racy. The ultimate in personal specification comes through McLaren Special Operations (MSO), who have the ability to colour-match anything you like. Audio has never sounded so good with a 4-speaker 240W audio system. Collaborations with the expertise of Bowers and Wilkins, has resulted in a 12 outstanding speaker surround system which has been optimised for the 570S and range.

The hair-raising 3.8 Litre Twin Turbo V8 engine is capable of 0-124mph in 9.5 seconds and when matched with the carbon ceramic brakes, it allows you to completely immerse yourself in the supercar experience. The state-of-the-art seamless-shift gearbox compliments the powerful engine for ultra-fast and ultra-smooth gearshifts adding to the cars outstanding refinement.