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The all-new Soul EV is the first all-electric, zero-emissions car to be added to the ever increasing line up of environmentally- conscious vehicles created by Kia. Compact yet accommodating in terms of space, this five seat crossover keeps the iconic square-shouldered broad bearing of the original Soul and is sure to catch eyes with its distinguished and dramatic design. Available in two colour finishes – Caribbean Blue metallic or Titanium Silver metallic, the new Kia Soul EV seems well suited to the electric setup with its primary operating specs competitive with other electrics on the market.

Producing a top speed of 90mph, Kia's first fully battery-powered vehicle features an electric motor that can develop 81.4 kilowatts, the equivalent of 109bhp in a car with a regular engine and provides drivers with a first-class range of up to 132 miles (212 kilometres) on a single charge*

Exercising a highly energy-dense lithium-ion polymer battery - possibly the most advanced battery in any electric vehicle currently available - the Soul EV makes charging trouble-free by plugging into any standard 120v domestic socket taking around 11-14 hours charge time, via a conventional Kia-branded 240v EV wallbox charger supplied as standard with the car (decreasing charge time by around 5 hours) or alternatively by means of public rapid charger replenishing battery life to 80% capacity in just 33 minutes.

Further eco-friendly contributions to the car include a regenerative braking system that refuels the batteries when the car is coasting or slowing down, an exclusive air conditioning system which can be adjusted to heat or cool just one side of the car for when you are driving unaccompanied and due to its smoothness and almost silent drive, a virtual engine sound system has been fitted to alert pedestrians and cyclists of the cars presence on the road.

The Soul EV also comes equipped with class-leading in-car entertainment including DAB RDS radio with MP3 compatibility, Bluetooth with voice recognition, music streaming and USB and AUX ports. With Kia's industry-leading and fully-transferable seven year warranty, the Kia Soul EV is a funky and fun, environmentally-friendly model featuring top of the rage technology, distinctive styling, zero emissions and reduced running costs making for an extremely enjoyable drive.

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