Jaguar Alloy Wheel Repair in Ayr & Inverness

Jaguar has been producing alloy wheels for its vehicles since its early days. As is typical of this premium British brand, Jaguar goes above and beyond what is necessary, with the XJ alone boasting 13 different alloy options, from Venom to Mataiva and more.

It's all the more important then, to ensure that these wheels are maintained just as well as the rest of the vehicle. The good news is that minor damage to alloy wheels can often be repaired to a high level without the need for a replacement. At Park's Jaguar, our expert technicians possess the knowledge required to carry out these repairs quickly, thoroughly and to the highest possible standard. Our premises in Ayr are fully equipped to deal with any eventuality, and this extends to wheel damage as well. If it turns out that a wheel does need replacing, our insistence on genuine Jaguar parts means that your vehicle will exit our workshop 100 percent Jaguar – the way it should be.

If your Jaguar vehicle has suffered damage to its alloy wheels recently, or at any point in its life, we would like to help. To book a wheel repair, give us a call or visit us on site. Alternatively, you can fill in the form at the bottom of this page and we will get back to you as soon as we can.