Jaguar Air-Conditioning Service in Ayr & Inverness


Available from only £99

Stay cool this summer with Park's Jaguar and book your vehicle in for an air-con service. The air conditioning system is an essential component for your comfort, and also for your safety.

For more information on this offer or to book your vehicle in for an air-con service, don't hesitate to get in contact with us via the enquiry form on this page.

If the air conditioning system isn't checked annually, it can deteriorate and cause:

  • Difficulty in maintaining a comfortable temperature
  • Windows to steam up
  • Build-up of bacteria causing a musty/damp smell, whick could even impact your health
  • Refrigerant gas to escape resulting in inefficiency, which increases fuel consumption
R134a gas From £99
R1234YF gas (2013 vehicles onward) From £225