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Come back to Douglas Park for your first MOT and you won't have to pay for your repairs. Here's some good news - if your BMW is under three years old, it now comes with MOT Protect* as standard.


MOT Protect to your BMW's existing three year unlimited mileage warranty and breakdown cover. It means that when your car's first MOT is due you can be confident that it will pass without the need to pay for any repairs.

The new scheme, which applies to all BMW cars registered from March 2009, covers electrical and lighting equipment, steering and suspension components and many braking system components. Seat belt components and mountings, fuel systems and corrosion damage not resulting from impact damage, are included in the cover and replaced at no extra cost to the owner should they be faulty.

At Douglas Park, we welcome this new benefit to BMW ownership and the extra peace-of-mind that it brings.


All BMW drivers, regardless of the age or model of their car, can now benefit from complimentary BMW Accident Recovery.

Simply by calling a free-phone number 0800 777 111, BMW will come and take you to your nearest BMW Approved Bodyshop, whether the accident was your fault or not. Here, a highly trained technician will assess the level of damage and, with your consent, have your BMW repaired and back on the road in no time.

As most insurers allow you to specify where your BMW is repaired, even if they run an approved repairer scheme, the choice to have your car repaired in a BMW Approved Bodyshop is entirely yours.


*Terms and conditions – MOT Protect is valid on BMW cars registered in the UK from 1 March 2009. MOT Protect is valid for the vehicle’s first MOT only. Items that fail an MOT due to wear are covered. Cost of MOT test or re-test is the responsibility of the customer. Wheels, tyres, windscreen, brake pads and disc, modified/non-BMW components, failure as a result of neglect and MOT advisories are not covered by MOT Protect. Repairs must be carried out by a BMW approved dealership within 30 days of the MOT inspection failure.