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Available at Douglas Park BMW Glasgow, Hamilton & Hillington

Douglas Park Warranty has been designed to protect you against the costs incurred in the event of an electrical or mechanical failure of a covered component or breakdown/immobilisation of the vehicle.

1 Year Extended Warranty Policy from only £349.
2 Year Extended Warranty Policy from only £499


£5,000 Claims limit including wear & tear

All mechanical and electrical components are included against any mechanical breakdown during the warranty period, provided that the terms and conditions of the agreement are fully complied with. Refer to the warranty schedule for conditions and exclusions.

BMW Servicing
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Crankshaft front seal, camshaft oil seal, auxiliary shaft oil seal, gearbox rear seal, drive shaft(s) seals and differential pinion seal. Also any oil seal required on the engine or gearbox as part of a valid mechanical breakdown.

Oils, oil filter and anti-freeze are included only if it is essential to replace them because of the failure of a part which is included in this Agreement.

If any of the parts included fail and damages the casings, they will also be included.

Your Vehicle must be serviced at a Douglas Park service station in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations detailed in the Vehicle's Servicing and book, or within a tolerance of 30 days or 1,000 miles whichever occurs first, of the stipulated service interval. It is Your responsibility to establish Your Vehicle manufacturer's servicing schedules and to comply with them by both time and mileage whichever is the sooner.

Cracked or porous cylinder heads, blocks and/or failure to valves and any skimming/pressure testing. Body, paint, glass, interior/exterior trim, wheels, airbag, electrical wiring and wiring looms. Service items and other components subject to routine maintenance or periodic repair or replacement such as plugs, HT leads, brake frictional material, clutch facings, cables, wiper blades/rubbers, V belts, hoses, pipes, cables, light bulbs/units, tyres, batteries, exhaust systems.


Douglas Park Assist is a dynamic emergency assistance service designed by experts to suit you. Administered on our behalf by Call Assist, operating a 24 hour, 365 days-a-year service for you to contact should your vehicle experience a breakdown.

The Call Assist Rescue Controllers are trained to the highest degree and are backed by the latest computer technology and mapping facilities together with a fully trained network of Recovery Operators throughout the UK.

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If your vehicle suffers a breakdown, this includes running out of fuel or locking your keys in the vehicle, help will be sent to the scene of the breakdown and we will pay call out fees and mileage charges needed to repair or assist with the vehicle.

If, in the opinion of the Recovery Operator, they are unable to repair the vehicle at the roadside the Recovery Controller will assist in the following way:

  • Arrange for your vehicle, you and up to 5 passengers to be recovered to the nearest Douglas Park repair centre
  • If your breakdown occurs out of range of one of our repair centres they will arrange for your vehicle, you and up to 5 passengers to be recovered to the nearest garage able to undertake the repair, or;
  • If the above is not possible at the time of the breakdown they will arrange for your vehicle, you and up to 5 passengers to be transported to your home address or original destination.


A Recovery Operator will be despatched to your home address or within a one mile radius. Attempts will be made to repair your vehicle on the spot. If a repair is not possible they will transport your vehicle to the nearest Douglas Park repair centre.


Alternative Travel Arrangements*
Emergency Overnight Accommodation*
Recovery of Caravans and Trailers*


Airbag System (Not Airbag)

Front & rear suspension

Air conditioning (Factory fitted)

Front-wheel drive

Anti-lock brake system (Factory fitted)

Fuel injection system


Fuel injection system


Fuel system (diesel & petrol)

Catalytic converter

Heater fan motor

Central locking motors


Central unit plip unit

Manual & auto gearbox


Multi function stalk switch

Coil springs

Multimedia systems




Radiator fan motor

Electrical system

Rear windscreen wiper

Electric window switches


Electronic ignition amplifier



Sunroof switch

Engine cooling system

Torque convertor

Engine management (ECU)

Turbo charger (factory fitted)

Four wheel drive

Window & sunroof motors

Working materials

*The cover and benefits summarised above are subject to the terms and conditions. There are also certain limitations in the maximum amount paid in the event of a breakdown. Please ask your supplying dealer for further details. The listed components included in the guarantee are subject to the terms as described in your warranty agreement and are also subject to certain limitations in the maximum amount paid in the event of a breakdown. Please ask your supplying dealer for further details.