New BMW Motorrad CE 04

Available now at Douglas Park BMW Motorrad in Glasgow.

The new BMW CE 04 offers urban mobility without compromise. Electrically powered, the motorbike fuses emotion and fun with a sustainable, modern and dynamic eye-catching design for the future.  Utilising innovative technology and battery cells that provide power to that of the BMW iX, the BMW CE 04 is defining the new era of Motorrad and integrating into everyday life. The silent revolution has begun.

Style Avantgarde Technical Data

Maximum Power
• 31 kW (42 hp) at 4,900 rpm
• 23 kW (31 hp) at 4,900 rpm with optional derating to 11 kW

Maximum Speed
• 120 km/h (Electronically Limited)

• 2.6s from 0-50 km/h
• 2.7s from 0-50 km/h with optional derating to 11kW

Light White Standard Equipment

• Full LED headlight
• 10.25” TFT display including BMW Motorrad Connectivity
• Keyless Ride
• Three riding modes (Eco, Rain, Road)
• BMW Motorrad ABS
• Electronic reverser
• Ventilated storage compartment with USB C
• Side Loading storage compartment featuring lighting
• Standard charging cable for domestic sockets

The flawless design of the BMW CE 04 revolves around the concise drivetrain and slim energy storage unit located in the underfloor assembly. Showcasing new aesthetics to the benefit of all, the CE 04 presented unlimited opportunities to develop; the floating seat and folding charging compartment represent the outcomes. Gliding along with a low centre of gravity allows dynamic and fun handling with overall driving excitement.

Available in Light White with matt black features and stylish wheels showcasing a disc wheel appearance, the futuristic urban ride instantly identifies as a scooter belonging to the iconic BMW Motorrad family. Adaptive headlights and the use of LED technology in the indicators and indicator lamps ensure safety while travelling during the day or night. The 10.25” TFT colour screen with integrated navigation and extensive connectivity reduces any need for additional displays or features, guaranteeing the rider a host of exemplary instruments.

Powering the new BMW CE 04 is a motor that distributes 31kW (42 hp) and promotes a comfortable ride. Off the line, or well known “traffic light start”, the CE 04 reaches 0 to 50 km/h in 2.6 seconds, guaranteeing a swift ride on varying roads. The ride stability is controlled through ASC (Automatic Stability Control) guaranteeing traction. Creating a balance between fun and maximum efficiency, the CE 04 utilises three driving modes; Eco, Rain and Road, all aided by the latest-generation ABS brake system.

The battery cell capacity is an adequate 60.6 Ah (8.9 kWh), supplying the BMW CE 04 with a 130 kilometres range on full recharge. Utilising a compatible charging port (Household socket, Wallbox or Public Charging Station), the time required for maximum recharge is 4 hours 20 minutes with the opportunity to reduce the time to 1 hour and 40 minutes using the quick charger – an optional extra. Therefore, for those tackling the urban roads or embarking on a small adventure over the weekend, no weight of worry will be upon emission-free riders. Similar to its larger counterpart the 225xe Active Tourer, the CE 04 obtains an indelible magnet electric motor placed within the frame betwixt rear wheel and battery. This ultimately results in undeniable performance upon any journey.

The introduction of the new BMW CE exemplifies BMW’S Motorrad electro-mobility strategy and sets the standard for the future of motorbikes #PluggedToLife.