New Bentley Bentayga Hybrid

Introducing the World’s first luxury hybrid SUV – the Bentley Bentayga Hybrid. Whilst fundamentally different from other Bentayga models, the Hybrid is stylish and luxurious with the performance that Bentley is renowned for.

Performance Max Power:
• 335 BHP @ 5300-6400 RPM

Max Torque:
• 332 lb-ft @ 1340-5300 RPM

• Acceleration from 0 to 60mph: 5.1s

Max speed:
• 158 mph
Technology Technology that enhances every drive

Two different sound systems to choose from: The Bentley signature audio system and for dedicated audiophiles, Naim for Bentley

• Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, plus an all-new navigation system that includes satellite maps
Design • 22" alloy wheels

• Elliptical headlamps with an intricate crystal cut effect

• Redesigned rear spoiler

• 10.9" touchscreen

Instantly recognisable as a Bentley due to its sleek lines; distinctive clustered headlamps and recognisable matrix grille, the Bentayga Hybrid fits beautifully with the Bentayga Range. On the exterior this model has been crafted with elegant and timeless execution. Featuring an advanced aluminium surface, embracing a structure that blends aluminium casting with high-strength steel, the Bentayga seamlessly balances athleticism with poise and assurance. It can be distinguished by the Hybrid badging on the sides, chrome grille and twin quad tailpipes. The chrome grille and 21” painted alloy wheels come as standard, as well as the choice of exterior colours – though as with all Bentleys, there is a full selection of exterior options to explore. Paying homage to the material and the role it plays in the Bentayga Hybrid, Bentley have featured copper coloured facets – including the three Hybrid badges written in an elegant script, the roundels of the Bentley badges, the radiator trim and wheel centres. The only other design feature that hint at the Bentayga’s hybrid nature is the additional ‘filler’ flap cover for the vehicle charge point.

The Bentayga Hybrid’s capabilities are exceptional due to the harmonious combination of the turbocharged V6 petrol engine and efficient electric power. It is capable of zero-emissions electric motoring for up to 31 miles and can be charged at home or in as little as 2.5 hours using a rapid charging point. The combination of an electric motor and an internal combustion engine generates huge reserves of power and delivers the performance expected of a Bentley and yet only emits 75g/km of CO2.

There is a choice of three different hybrid driving modes, as well as the usual choice of Bentley driving modes – Sports, Bentley, Comfort and Custom. The EV mode uses only electric power, with the 348V twin-string battery producing 13kWh of usable energy. The second, Hybrid mode, is likely to be the mode of choice, making wise use of both petrol and electric power sources to maximise range and efficiency. The final mode, Hold, will conserve the electric energy.

The Bentayga Hybrid has the luxurious interior for which Bentley is celebrated for. Handcrafted in Crewe, the Bentayga Hybrid’s interior has been intricately designed and carefully selected – every design aspect has been thought through.

The leather trimmed cabin is contrasted by the upper cabin’s Eliade embellishing. There is a standard selection of interior hides and carpet colours; with Dark Fiddleback Eucalyptus being the customary veneer. The classic refinement of a Bentley is found in elements such as the elegant fluted seats and tactile driver controls with a diamond-knurling finish. The door sills have the ‘Hybrid’ logo rather than the Bentley logo – as a subtle differentiation to the others in the Bentayga Range.

Connected intelligence is at the heart of the Bentayga Hybrid using a suite of safe, smart and convenient online functionalities effortlessly connecting the driver to the internet – enhancing the driving experience.

Intelligent Navigation will automatically select the most efficient driving mode, to ensure the car will always have enough battery to last the journey.

An additional option is the Bentley x Starck Power Dock, an elegant recharging unit concept for Bentayga Hybrid. Bentley collaborated with renowned creator, Philippe Starck to create a charging unity that enables you to plug-in and recharge Bentayga Hybrid at home. Made using sustainable materials domed face is designed using hot-pressure aluminium casting clean lines and beautiful attention to detail.

As is the case with all Bentleys, both Bentley and Mulliner offer a wide range of personalisation options, including monogrammed upholstery and colour matching. No request is too large and your Bentayga Hybrid can be truly one of a kind.