Bentley Tyre & Wheel Repair In Hamilton


Available at Bentley Glasgow

At Bentley Glasgow we are finding more and more of a trend of customers coming in with either punctures, bulges in tyres and other damage concerns directly attributed to the state of the roads.

Our promotion will hopefully offer you a bit of piece of mind, no matter what vehicle you drive* - we will undertake to carry out a full steering and suspension geometry alignment check using our state of the art Hunter computerised equipment, and a full tyre and wheel report for £132 inc VAT. (Normally £264)

If there is any damage or adjustments are required, we will give you a full report, and in the case of minor adjustments, we can carry these out for a nominal additional charge which we can discuss with you.

For more information contact:

Eddie Chambers
Aftersales Manager
Tel: 01698 303848