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Based in Stirling, Park’s ROUSH are proud to be the first ROUSH dealership in the UK offering a selection of highly unique ROUSH Performance models which combine unparalleled performance, race-inspired styling and next-generation technology. ROUSH performance models capture the classic Amercian appeal of the Mustang whilst boasting new levels of performance with Ford’s latest technology.


The heritage of ROUSH Performance began over 40 years ago with one man: Jack Roush. Starting out his career as an engine development engineer for Ford Motor Company in 1964, it wasn’t long before Roush discovered his passion for drag racing and formed his own successful team in 1970. Following this, Roush combined his skill for engineering and entrepreneurial flair to open his own company in 1976 named Roush Performance Engineering. The demand for Roush’s pioneering designs quickly grew and his innovative engines were widely used in drag, oval-track and hill-climb racing, as well as power boats. Later into his career, Roush made the bold move into the world of NASCAR racing where he would go on to win countless Cup Series, becoming one of the organisation’s most distinguished successes.


Roush, now a celebrated name in the world of motor racing and an icon of American engineering innovation, has been inaugurated into the Automotive Hall of Fame and 2019 class of the NASCAR Hall of Fame.