BMW Motorrad Bodyshop in Glasgow

We've all had them: those heart-sinking moments when we first see the damage. Whether it's the scratch that appeared in the supermarket car park or the result of a bigger accident, any imperfection to your motorcycle is distressing.

Thankfully, at Douglas Park Motorrad we have a state-of-the-art BMW Motorrad Approved Body Repair Centre which offers unparalleled service and equipment. Our Bodyshop prides itself on returning your motorcycle to its original condition, whatever the damage.

Make the right choice

Whether your insurer wants you to take your BMW motorcycle to another repairer or not, you're perfectly entitled to insist on a BMW Motorrad Approved Bodyshop. The choice lies not with the insurance company, but with the policyholder. In the event of damage to your vehicle following a 'non-fault accident' you may also be entitled to a replacement like-for-like vehicle.

Genuine BMW Parts and Expert technicians

Our BMW Motorrad Approved Bodyshop is fully equipped to BMW standards, featuring the latest BMW technology. In addition, we only fit Genuine BMW Motorrad Parts and only use BMW Motorrad Colour System paint.