New BMW Motorrad C Evolution

Available now at Douglas Park BMW Motorrad in Glasgow.

Now you can already experience tomorrow’s urban mobility with the BMW C evolution – without compromise. On the contrary: this electrically powered maxi-scooter combines sustainability, dynamic and agility with a design that catches everyone’s eye.

Performance Maximum Speed
75 mph (electronically governed)

0 - 30mph: approx 2.8s
0 - 60mph: approx 7s

62 Miles, with option Long Range: 100 miles

Unladen weight, fully fuelled/road-ready
275 kg
Equipment (as standard) ✓ Torque Control Assist (TCA)

✓ BMW Motorrad ABS

✓ Side stand with integrated parking brake

✓ Tinted windshield

✓ Two-piece seat with storage compartment beneath the passenger seat

Not only fumes and noise are left behind, but also every other vehicle in urban traffic. The powerful, completely electrical engine guarantees fast arrival and real riding pleasure. And – thanks to a range of up to 160 km – it’s a pleasure for the whole day. In addition, there are four riding modes, as well as intelligent energy recuperation during braking and accelerating. Riding performance of the highest order, environmental friendliness, innovative technology – the C evolution stands for riding pleasure without any compromise.

Contrary to conventional internal combustion engines, the C evolution’s electrical engine features a spontaneous and very prompt transmission. The torque build-up offers no delays, but instead full power from the first meter.

A peak output of 35 kW (48 bhp) and 72 Nm of torque at the “crankshaft“ in theory make for nearly 600 Nm of torque at the rear wheel in practice. The maximum speed is electronically limited to 129 km/h to ensure optimized power consumption and range. With an acceleration from 0 – 50 km/h in only 2.8 seconds, you’ll start from traffic lights like no other.

The C evolution uses battery modules of the newest generation. They are equivalent to those used in the BMW i3 and enable a 60 % increase in range, pushing it up to 160 kilometres. The battery can be charged with its integrated charger either at a charge column or at a common household socket. Short charging times are especially useful in everyday life. So is the new silent charge mode that makes for a slightly longer loading but also a much quieter one.

To make sure even owners of driving license class A1 in Europe get to know the true promise of the C evolution, a version with a rated output of 11 kW (at steady peak power of 35 kW) and a range throttled to 100 km is available.

The shape of the C evolution speaks futuristic and is at first sight typical of BMW Motorrad. LED daytime running light, LED lights and the big TFT display emphasise the technological lead. Concurrently, the striking split-face definitely relegates to the membership of the BMW Motorrad family. A statement is set by the new, attractive colour Ionic silver metallic in combination with the accent colour Electric green.

In addition, the new graphic on the side covering makes the electric maxi-scooter look more modern. High-quality processing and excellent details like the coloured bench seams or the tinted windshield complete the design.Text here ...