The Mitsubishi ASX (Active Sports Crossover) is an amalgamation of the practical aspects of Mitsubishi’s road cars and the versatile qualities found in its off-road vehicles. This blend of convenience and adaptability offers drivers a Mitsubishi like no other. The ASX can tackle any environment, whether that be in rush hour traffic or a mud track out in the countryside, it can handle the challenge.

Mitsubishi offers three trims to choose from; the ASX ZC (Standard model) to the ASX ZC-M (Upgraded model) to the ASX ZC-H and the ASX 5 (Highest spec model).


The captivating ASX has been expertly designed by Mitsubishi to turn heads but remain practical. Styled using true compact crossover blueprints, the ASX has a raised ride height to ensure maximum driver visibility. With a striking front and back end the ASX demands respect when out on roads. This presence is heightened by the cars broad wheelbase which is comparable to that of the Outlander model.

The ASX ZC-M and ASX Z-H models are fitted with Xenon Super-Wide HID Headlights that illuminate the road to near day light level brightness, even on the darkest of nights. These lights ensure that both sides of the road are clear and visible to drivers to ensure safety. The lights have been developed to produce approximately 1.4 times more power than the standard HID headlights by providing a 1,350-lumen ray that shines over an 80 degree radius (per headlight). With the ZC-M and Z-H models LED daytime running lights also come as standard.


The ASX provides passengers with a spacious cabin along with comfortable seating to relax and enjoy their journeys. Adjustable heated leather seats are included in the ZC-H model to enhance passenger relaxation during the Mitsubishi driving experience. The interior has been fashioned in a suave black trim which adds an elegant dimension and contrast to the resourceful ASX.

The signature feature included in the ZC-H model is the stunning panoramic glass roof which has been crafted to offer passengers a unique view of the world whilst on their travels. However there is an automatic blind that can be activated when the open air look is not desired. There is an additional feature that allows drivers to alter an LED mood light, which is projected from the panoramic roof to create an ambience in the cabin.


The ASX offers drivers a choice of 3 engines to select from, these include the; 1.6 Petrol, 1.6 Diesel and 2.2 Diesel options. The petrol edition is available with the ASX ZC and features a 5 speed manual transmission, impressive (135g/km) CO2 emission levels and is very economical with fuel (48.7 mpg).

The 1.6 Diesel option is available with the ASX ZC-M and ASX ZC-H models and offers a 6 speed manual transmission, an even better C02 emission level (132 g/km) and a competitive fuel economy (56.5 mpg).

The 2.2 Diesel is only available for the ASX ZC-H model and features a 6 speed auto with a manual paddle shift, remarkably low diesel emissions (152 g/km) and an extraordinary fuel economy (48.8 mpg).


The Mitsubishi ASX has a wealth of technology to excite both passengers and drivers. The car features a keyless operating system with a stop start button. The Gear Shift Indicator helps drivers maintain a good fuel economy by notifying them of the optimal point to change gears. The cruise control facility allows owners to relax whilst on long journeys (ASX ZC-M, ASX ZC-H). The ASX is also fitted with a Hill Start Assist to help with driver control on steeper gradients.

Audio controls are fitted on the steering wheel so drivers can change station and adjust the volume without taking their hands of the steering wheel. A touch screen panel is also present on the dash which allows drivers to select specific music functions and has an easy to use interface. The touch screen also doubles as a rear view camera and can assist in complicated manoeuvres. It is also possible, through the Bluetooth feature to connect many mobile devices to the system. There is a more advanced multimedia system in the ZC—H model.


The Mitsubishi ASX takes safety very seriously and is an integral part of the cars design. The vehicle was rewarded for its meticulous approach to safety by receiving the highest rating from EURO NCAP, a 5 star rating. Every ASX model comes equipped with seven airbags which allows all passengers to remain safe and secure in the event of an accident.

Additionally the ASX model has a built in Active Stability Control which automatically controls the brakes and engine output to correct the vehicle and prevent aquaplaning. The car is also aided with an intelligent Traction Control system that prevents the cars wheels from spinning in adverse weather conditions like heavy snow. Another impressive safety feature is the Brake Override System which gives priority over to braking when the accelerator and brake pedals are accidentally pressed at the same time. There is also an Emergency Stop Signal System included within the cars ECU which automatically switches on the vehicles hazard lights when heavy braking is applied, to warn motorists behind the driver.

The ASX has a 4WD System that provides enhanced grip whilst in extreme weather conditions like snow or heavy rain and aids the driver when tackling rough terrains. The 4WD system also offers greater strength in a towing situation.

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