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New Fiat Ducato Van In East Kilbride, Motherwell & Irvine

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New Fiat Ducato Van
AVAILABLE in Glasgow, Motherwell & East Kilbride

The Fiat Ducato is practical, comfortable and full of surprises. With a sleek yet robust façade, the Ducato appears contemporary and professional. More importantly, the Ducato is more durable than ever, as demonstrated in their 3 piece wraparound bumper which allows you to replace pieces of it rather than having to replace the whole thing!

Take a seat in the cabin of the Ducato and you will be impressed by the fabulous offerings. Not to mention how comfortable the seats are, a dash mounted gear stick, CD stereo, handy cubbies and plenty of storage for bits and bobs make the Ducato a pleasure to work with.

The Ducato range is large and extensive, ranging from the double back door and double sliding side door 3,000mm wheelbase van which holds 8m 3 to the Dropside truck which holds up to 7.8m2 of loading space. Choose between the following models; 3,000mm Wheelbase van, 3,450mm Wheelbase van, 4,035mm Wheelbase van and 4,035mm Maxi, Dropside truck, Maxi Dropside truck and double cab Dropside truck.

3,000mm Wheel Base Van

• Max load length: 2,670mm 
• Max load height: 1,662mm 
• Max load width: 1,870mm 
• Max load area: 8m 3

3,450mm Wheel Base Van

• Max load length: 3,120mm 
• Max load height: 1,932mm 
• Max load width: 1,870mm 
• Max load area: 11.5m 3

4,035mm Wheel Base XL Dropside Truck

• GVW: 3,500kg (4,005kg in Maxi XL) 
• Payload: 1,465kg to 1,970kg 
• Max load area: 8.5m2

4,035mmWheel Base Van

• Max load length: 3,705mm 
• Max load height: 1,932mm 
• Max load width: 1,870mm 
• Max load area: 13m 3

4,035mmWheel Base XL Van

• Max load length: 4,070mm 
• Max load height: 2,172mm 
• Max load width: 1,870mm 
• Max load area: 17m 3


• GVW: 3,000kg, 3,300kg, 3,500kg 
• Payload: 1,160kg to 1,595kg 
• Max load area: 6.6m 2

4,035mm Wheel Base Dropside Truck

  • GVW: 3,300kg, 3,500kg
  • Payload: 1,340kg to 1,590kg
  • Max load area: 7.8m 2

Crew Cab Truck

• GVW: 3,500kg
• Payload: 1,475kg
• Max load area: 5.9m2