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Suzuki present the Baleno, a hatchback that aims to set standards and give customers exactly what they want and much more. 

The Baleno has been designed to include ground breaking technologies to allow customers more freedom and choice in a hatchback, a wonderful liquid flow design which expresses a sporty look unique to the model and superior driving performance.

The Suzuki Baleno offers a range of 9 different body colours which each highlight the slick design of the model, providing their own unique effects. These impressive pallet choices include “Premium Silver Metallic” which illustrates and clearly defines the body’s gorgeous curving lines and the “Royal Blue Metallic” which depending on the lightning conditions alters the scheme from a green hue to a superb red tinge.

The car also benefits aerodynamically from a thin roofed spoiler which fits perfectly into the flowing body lines of the Baleno.

The spacious model ensures that the driver and passengers are in complete comfort with plenty of shoulder room in the front and leg room in the back, ideal for long distance journeys. The boot of the Baleno also provides a great deal of room with a 355 litre space and that’s with the seats up.

The Baleno comes complete with active cruise control and speed limiter to ensure the driver stick’s to speed restrictions over long journeys. The Baleno also enables Apple CarPlay, which provides many features of the Iphone, like the ability to make calls, ask for directions and send and receive messages. The car is fitted with a large high definition screen which shows car performance graphics, covering G force, engine output, accelerator and break operation.

The Baleno features a 1.0 BOOSTERJET direct-injection turbo engine which has a high torque output and SHVS (Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki) with a 1.2 DUALJECT engine. These power units are very economical in fuel consumption and provide great value for the driver. The fuel economy is also helped by the slick aerodynamic design Suzuki have created, making this car the most efficient hatchback Suzuki have ever designed.

Radar break support in the new Baleno uses millwave radar to prevent or reduce impact during a possible collision occurrence. The RBS system alerts the driver when a possible collision could occur when the car is accelerating faster than approximately 5 km/h, increases the breaking force and automatically applies the breaks for driver and passenger safety.

The body of the car has also been specifically designed to lessen the injuries pedestrians could sustain in vehicle to person collisions. Each Baleno comes standard with six SRS airbags, has traction control and ABS (Anti-Lock Brakes).

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