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Say goodbye to petrol and diesel as the 100% electric Partner Tepee Electric continues the upcoming trend toward electric vehicles boasting both space and comfort and the most up to date high resolution touchscreen technology. All of this comes with significantly lower daily running costs averaging around 4 times less than the costs of non-electric vehicles.

One of the most impressive features of the Partner Tepee Electric is the ability to control a variety of features from your mobile before you even reach the vehicle! Stay ahead of the game by adjusting heating or air conditioning, monitoring your battery’s capacity and estimating the charging time all before you arrive at the car. In addition, the model provides even more technological aspects to ensure your drive is with ease such as reversing camera, front and rear Park Assist and the Speed Limiter.

Despite having no gearbox or clutch, the electric drivetrain provides great performance and even with 49 kW (67 hp) power and a maximum of 200 Nm torque you can barely hear anything on board while driving. When it comes to charging there are 2 ports to choose from; A/C charging and D/C rapid charging. One charge provides up to 106 miles, perfect for city or urban driving. The battery can gain 80% battery charge in just 30 minutes. Without the guilt of producing Co2 emissions, driving the Partner Tepee Electric feels even better

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