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Mitsubishi Motors UK has developed the market leader in the UK pick-up industry, the L200 Series 5. After years of redefining the design of the L200 and aiming to produce a pick-up that exceeds all expectations and standards, Mitsubishi have created the L200 series 5, the best in its class.​​

The L200 DNA enhances the driving experience and maintains all the elements that make Mitsubishi engineering so successful like the 4WD ability. The result is a top performing pick-up truck that highlights Mitsubishi's engineering at its finest with features that will define the pick-up of the future.

The L200 is the only pick up that can be driven in 2WD and 4WD on any terrain. These options are available for the Barbarian, Warrior and Titan models.

The special system includes the 2H mode which is specifically designed to be economic and smooth during city and motorway driving. The 4H function high range, is suitable for all terrains and challenges. The L200 allows you to switch systems no matter what surface you are driving on. The 4HLc centre differential, evenly distributes the power between the front and rear wheels to improve traction and manoeuvrability when faced with snow or other challenging weather conditions. The 4LLc system offers lower gear ratio’s which provides greater torque for all off road encounters like sand or dirt tracks, steep inclines and descents.

The L200 is a pick-up industry leader in terms of fuel consumption at 42.8 MPG and is the best in its class for the lowest CO2 production. The L200 is the only pick-up efficient enough to endure a 700 mile journey on one single tank of fuel.

The L200 boasts industry leading safety features which separate the pick-up from its competitors.The pick-up comes complete with 7 airbags for maximum protection for the driver and passengers. It offers an Emergency stop signal, Hill start assist for difficult climbs and Trailer stability assist to provide more support when towing at speeds. The L200 has a built in adjustable speed limiter to keep speed at constant levels for longer journeys.

The Lane departure warning feature senses when the pick-up is drifting out of a lane and then sends an alert to drivers to correct the problem. Finally Bi-Xenon headlights illuminate the road wherever you are at high and low beam levels. The L200 features LED daytime running lights to ensure good visibility at all times automatically when the car is running during day time.

The L200 series 5 is available in 4 variants. These include; The Double Cab Barbarian, The Double Cab Warrior, The Double Cab Titan and The Double Cab 4Life.

Each model has its own unique features that bring together the very best of Mitsubishi engineering and forward thinking.

The new model has been updated with a brand new MIVEC engine and is the only pick-up that has variable valve timing. The new 178 BHP Diesel engine provides enough power to face any terrain and is 30KG lighter than the Series 4 models. The engine runs on the Super- Select 4WD which aid in providing traction on any terrain.

The L200 also includes a brand new low ratio manual gearbox which decreases shift timing and offers an increased response.

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