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The Mitsubishi PHEV is an incredibly efficient vehicle that provides practically and value for the modern motorist. Additionally, there is a wealth of technology to accompany the driver and those on-board, making journeys more pleasurable.

The exterior of the Mitsubishi PHEV has been expertly crafted to resemble the vehicle of the future. There is a variety of metallic or pearlescent models to choose from that are complemented with colour keyed mirrors and handles. Drivers will be greeted with either 16 inch steel or 18 inch alloy wheels, depending on the specification. A magnificent chrome grille is placed on the front end of the vehicle; this recognisable feature makes sure the PHEV stands out from a distance. LED daytime running lights are fitted onto the vehicle to ensure maximum visibility, at all times of the day. The PHEV also possesses; a rear fog lamp, rear parking sensors, automatic light sensors and beautifully finished silver roof rails.

The PHEV uses impressive twin electric motors combined with an economic 2.0 litre petrol engine and provides drivers with a cost effective alternative to standard fuelled engines. The system even adapts to the driving styles of those behind the wheel, to provide incredible fuel efficiency with a combined range of 541 miles. The Plug-In Hybrid has a special EV mode which uses only electric power and produces zero emissions with a quieter ride.

The main battery can help drivers travel up 32 miles using EV mode alone. Collectively the PHEV only produces a combined emissions level of 42 CO2 g/km. The Series Hybrid mode uses the petrol engine as a generator which powers the electric battery, which again keeps fuel costs to a minimum. Alternatively the Parallel Hybrid mode mainly operates the petrol engine with minor assistance from the motors and is very useful for high speed cruising

The cabin of the Mitsubishi PHEV has been designed to be comfortable and spacious, so drivers and passengers remain relaxed and refreshed even after a long journey. Drivers can also enter the vehicle with ease due to the Keyless Operating System. Another notable feature is the Auto-Diming rear view mirror, which is fitted with a glare-proof glass because safety is always a priority with Mitsubishi.

Those on-board will be entertained with the intelligent Mitsubishi Multi Communication System. This includes; satellite navigation and communication systems (GX4, GX4hs), DAB radio, iPod connection and a Bluetooth phone connection. The intelligent MMCS allows drivers to view the current battery usage and power levels. Additionally, all previous journey information is stored and can be accessed through the MMCS.

Mitsubishi take safety very seriously, that’s why they have included a host of features in the PHEV to ensure drivers and passengers remain safe, secure and relaxed. Drivers will experience the Adaptive Cruise Control (GX4hs) function and can rest assured knowing that ABS partnered with EBD, will prevent the vehicle from losing stability and the wheels locking up under harsh braking. Forward Collision Mitigation (GX4hs) prevents drivers from possible accidents with motorists in front of them by alerting them and automatically registering the brakes if necessary.

The Emergency Stop Signal feature performs a similar task at the rear of the vehicle. Lane Departure warnings (GX4hs) helpfully notify drivers when they are wandering outside their designated lane. Each model is equipped with a 360 ˚ camera which is particularly useful when carrying out complicated manoeuvres. Dusk Sensors have also been included in all PHEV variants along with Rain Sensors, so if the light falls below a specific level or moisture is detected on the windshield, then the wipers and lights will be activated independently.

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